Thursday, January 21, 2010

Around the World in 8 Hours

We had a nearly perfect weekend last week visiting family. If only it hadn't ended in throw-up.
This was our 3rd attempt to do some post-holiday visiting and so we decided it best to divide and conquer. While BD and the 2 younger kids visited with his family, I took the older ones and visited mine.

What a fun trip to the city!

First stop: the Asian Market. It's good to get a taste of what it's like to be a minority and that's a good place to do it. Why there? I wanted to browse and see if I could find anything fun for our upcoming Chinese New Year party. Fish eggs? Tofu? Gingered plums? I decided to go with fortune cookies.

Next we went to a Belgian cafe for the most delectable waffles topped with fresh fruit, cream, and Belgian chocolate. We also tried their "fries" and "sauce" which even tastier than American ones we already love so well.
How fortunate that next door was Chocolatier Blue truffles. We indulged our taste buds once again. Peanut butter and jelly truffles anyone?

After that we went ice skating. There is something extra fun about we gliding carefree (maybe a few stumbles) on the ice whilst surrounded by skyscrapers full of people slaving away in their offices:)

Last stop on the world tour was our "Mountain City" for our favorite Chinese take-out. There you have it: around the world in 8 hours.

Cousins played with cousins all day Saturday. It was a perfect trip...until Cannon started throwing up, then Kate. Our last night was a bit rough but MomC. took good care of us. We were glad to get back home because if you're gonna get sick, it's best to be in your own bathroom. Within a couple of days we ALL were throwing up together--just one big sick family.

Now, I wish I could be back on the world tour only this time visiting HAITI--or at least hovering over in a helicopter unloading my food storage. It's so sad.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's a Marshmallow World

Caught in the act: this is what Buddy is up to while we are doing school.