Thursday, July 29, 2010

Try some of these GREAT products today!

BD is off on his brother-bonding camping trip which means....we have to have SO MUCH fun we won't miss him.
The Beauty College was closed for summer break--darn it!! We did our best to rally by having our own at-home spa. This meant sending all the neighbor kids home, NOT answering the door, setting Bud up with a movie, and putting on some relaxing tunes...ahh.

This Glacial Marine Mud by NuSkin left our skin feeling radiant and fresh!

Next we had pedicures using our Homedics Foot Spa. The NuSkin Exfoliating Cleanser was perfect for rubbing onto ticklish toes.

Tired feet revitalized!

Here Adrie is using the Homedics Massager along with her gentle touch. Obviously, Kate is loving it!

You can bet I made the rounds too. Adrie and Brynn each took one of my foots to pedicure. Then it was Kate's turn to work her magic on me with the massager. Why don't we do this more often?!

After relaxing with our at-home spa treatments and with the rain pouring down outside it seemed like the right thing to do next was watch a movie. Brynn popped us some KettleCorn --from the gourmet kitchen of Orville Redenbacher and we browsed Netflix where we found thousands of great titles available to watch instantly.

Goodness! We were having so much fun we forgot all about Brynn's gymnastics lessons. (I sent her anyway-- 25 minutes late.)
After picking her up we headed right to McDonalds for some Happy Meals (Yah, we're lovin' it) For myself I indulged in one of their new fabulous REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIES.

What will we do tomorrow? Maybe steal BD's bike and go on a family bike ride... That's all I got.
Come home soon love!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Serious Fun

TRUTH: Learn it, Live it, Love it.
The C. fam. really knows how to put on a reunion! This year's wins the award for:
  • Most devotionals (6)
  • Hottest days of the year
  • Least hours of sleep (that would be the night of camping)
  • Best group of people to be around.
It's true! If you can wear them out with fun and heat and everyone's still smiling and getting along beautifully than you know you've got a crowd of winners!
What's the secret to that you may ask? Have 6 devotionals--Morning, afternoon, evening, we were getting spiritual boosts all day long. This year each family was to come prepared with a memorized scripture about the theme, TRUTH, to present to the family. (Ours was James 1;5)
We had an adult discussion one afternoon where everyone could share their combined knowledge and life experiences. I really enjoyed that. And of course with all that upliftment there was some wholesome recreating and a lot of food.
How do I sum it up? I think we kind of accomplished that in the car on the drive home when we asked for everyone's 3 favorite things:
  • Adrie: camping * playing with Olivia at her house * singing Happy Birthday to Grandma.
  • Brynn: hiking and catching a lizard * camping *Jumpin' Jacks
  • Kate: camping * Jumpin' Jacks * minute to win it games at the church--specifically the one where you have a rope tied to your waist and you have to swing it around and try to knock the cups off the chairs....dizzying...
Notice the favorite theme here: camping??... I guess some things we do for the kids' sake.
Dad said his favorite was beating me on the obstacle course at Jumpin' Jacks. Isn't he so competitive ;)
My favorite was listening being up in the canyon, overlooking the valley, and listening to Uncle Brad tell about how he went from having long hair and smoking 3 packs a day to joining the LDS Church. Wish I could insert video here so you could feel the power of it yourself. Awesome. After that we all felt like shouting the gospel from the mountain tops so that's what we did --in a way-- we sang around the campfire with guitar and fiddles.
Oh yeah, and I can't forget my other favorite. That would be peeling off the sticky clothes and taking a cold shower after camping. Oh how I love 21st century commodities!
We painted truth rocks, played water games, watched Shrek 3 on a projection screen outside, ate lots of food, paddled around the reservoir and played on the beach area, had a firework show.
Seriously fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Small Town Fourth

Started the day off with a big race! Ran a 5K and got 36th place overall for women...nothing to brag about but 300 people showed up to this thing--and what do you know, one of them was BD's cousin. (JH) came down with a group of work buddies from up North. It took some convincing on my part to prove that we were indeed related but after giving a few names, he nodded. I know an H when I see one?! Anyway, the race was fun. Yes, running can be fun. For some reason, it's moreso when you're running in a herd of 300. Got home and showered in time for the parade.BD and I thought this was the best parade year ever. Partly it was because we arrived in the nick of time and there happened to be room for a couple of chairs on the front row but mostly it was because the weather was PERFECT!! THEN The kids loved all candy throwing and other prizes, including an invitation to Vacation Bible School. Adrie ran the paper over to me shouting, "MOM THIS ISN'T OUR CHURCH!!!!" Taking advantage of the amazing weather we had, we went to the park for the festivities. This is a fish Brynn caught at the "fish grab"--crazy I tell you. The fish have no chance with wall to wall kids in a big plastic pool. Brynn kindly put her fish back in the pond because we certainly weren't going to eat it! We did bring home our first pet. A frog named Lilypad. Now I have to go to the store and see if there is such thing as "frog food" so Brynn doesn't have to keep catching bugs for it.
We also went to the free swimming and coin toss at the pool. Had ourselves over for BBQ burgers. Made homemade ice cream and did invite friends over for that and sparklers then watched the fireworks from their backyard. Good times. I love a small town Fourth.

UPDATE: No need to buy frog food anymore. Little frog went down the drain. The girls were cleaning his little tank (they get messy and stinky after a day) and somehow he was missed the mark. He went down the disposal side of the sink. I don't know the anatomy of a disposal but apparently there must be a hole big enough for a frog to slide down because after some by feel (Brynn only has the guts to do this) he was never found. Oh well, I guess that's that.