Saturday, September 26, 2009

Look What Washed in with the Tide

We're back from a wonderful trip to Doheny State Beach in California and guess what? The only souvenirs we came home with were seashells and a boogie board.

I'll try to sum it up:
DAY 3: Drive to a different BEACH
DAY 4: Pack up and say goodbye to BEACH

It is amazing that the beach can offer such all inclusive free entertainment: hours of chasing waves, walking along the shore where the waves break and spill out into bubbly foam, digging sand tunnels, collecting shells, putting on a seaweed fashion show, boogie boarding in the big afternoon waves, and exploring tide pools.

My trip to the library paid off. Getting to CA seemed snappy quick because we were engrossed in our audio CD Witches. Both Brandon and I were able to read on the beach. That is one of the loveliest things to do in the world. At night we read scriptures and stories with the girls around the campfire.
Luckily, BD and I were able to set up our brand new cabin tent. It only took us 3x longer what the reviews said it would. The campground was a mix of RV's and tents. We had campers on all sides of us and were close enough to hear their conversations, so that first night I felt a bit like I was in a refugee camp--except a beautiful one with drinking fountains, bathrooms and pay showers nearby. Had I known I was only 2 quarters away from feeling clean and civilized again I wouldn't have waited 3 days to shower. As it was Brandon had to wake up next to a wife who he lovingly called "Wanda Barzee."

One day we drove along Pacific Coast Highway to explore some other beaches. Laguna was my favorite. We parked and walked down to spend the day at one of the most beautiful beaches. The water was as blue as Adria's eyes. There were sealions barking from a rock in the distance.
Kate observed that I was the only woman wearing a one piece swimsuit--and that was with a skirt. To really fit in one needed a bikini and a tattoo. (beach body not required)

We stopped at a taco stand and the rest of the week ate out once or twice. Around the campfire we had hot chocolate, cereal for breakfast. The girls were almost as excited about the the snacks I packed as they were for the trip.

It was nice to take a break from being me: I didn't think about the yard or the house or school once while we were gone. If Cannon spilled his cereal after I poured it? Oh well, just rub it into the dirt. If the girls went to bed and didn't brush their teeth? Oh well. If Cannon shoved a sand-encrusted cheeto in his mouth? Big deal. We didn't even have to have the dreaded bedtime routine. The girls were so exhausted by the end of the day they actually PUT THEMSELVES TO BED! Yup, they would just walk right into the tent and fall down asleep in their bag... a true vacation for me.

Well, it was a good time for all. Driving home we stopped in Riverside and visited one of my college roommates. She didn't seem to mind that we smelled of campfire and sea salt. I heard the malls calling to me from the sides of the freeway but again, Brandon kindly reminded me that the only way I would fit in there is if I were lugging around my belongings in a shopping cart. When we passed Vegas, Brynn said she wanted to live there because it had so many tall buildings and airplanes. Of course there were many other things to see that we hoped they wouldn't. Kate read a billboard outloud and said to us "Adult Super Store? UGH! That must be the boringest store ever! It only has stuff for grown ups!"
We will definitely do this trip again. Maybe explore a different state park. What would I bring next time? An umbrella for shade (we got pretty unavoidably tan) I know, it's hard to believe I could be tan. Also a GPS would have been stinkin' awesome and a CELL PHONE.
All this for $25 a night. Who's up for the next road trip?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


The excitement is mounting at our house. Kate can't even fall asleep thinking about it. We have spent the weekend packing, cleaning, and preparing for it. Monday we'll be waking up early for it. It's finally here...our BEACH trip.

Friday I went to the library. What could be better to read on the beach than my childhood favorite, Island of the Blue Dolphins. I also checked out Life of Pi for Brandon, although I'm tempted to read it again too. And how about Harry Potter and Roald Dahl's Witches on audio-CD for some listening excitement in the car.

I bought enough FOOD at Wmart to last us a month (in case we serendipitously get stranded there)

We also purchased our first TENT.

The house is CLEAN. (by my standards)

I did all the LAUNDRY, our swimwear is packed, along with some sweatshirts for around the campfire.

The CAR is filled it with gas and the oil changed.

We're ready to get our fill of sand and sun.

Would this be your idea of a vacation? No TV, no computer, no phone, no shower, no make-up, no school, no housework?

Friday, September 4, 2009

I really should be...

Why am I sitting here at the computer when I really should be...

  • packing for a weekend trip
  • getting my eyebrows waxed before Brandon's 20 yr. high school reunion tonight
  • cleaning so I can come home to a nice house
  • making zucchini bread out of the produce our friend generously donated
  • leveling our dirt with a backhoe so we can get a yard in before fall
  • planning a Sunday lesson (I'm substituting in Primary)
  • delivering a little gift for my neighbor's birthday
  • spending my birthday money
  • reading one of the 4 books I've started on the nightstand
  • moving around so I can at least have excercised more than once this week
  • finding out which house in the neighborhood my kids ended up at

The clock is ticking. I better get to at least a couple of these and that will at least count as excercising right?