Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend: part deux

What else happened while Dad was away...
Our neighborhood rented this and Buddy got into this

Way to refresh on a hot day! We all chipped in $15 for some splashy fun. Even I couldn't resist --and let me tell you-- that angle produces some serious SPEED!

Moving on...Buddy was actually feet up flailing, head down in the 5 gallon flour bucket. Yikes! Those ALERT "Children can fall and drown" warnings on the buckets are for real. Luckily this was flour and not water and so his cries were only slightly muffled.

Welcome Home Dad! Everything was under control while you were away...really....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Surviving without Dad

The girls reminded me yesterday that when Dad goes on his annual brothers camping trip it is time for us to have some extra girly fun: movies, shopping, and salon treatment.
Last night we kicked off the party with carameled popcorn and a movie, "Princess Protection Program" It was oozing with girlyness. We loved it.

I was excited for the chance to sleep diagonally on the bed (which is my preferred sleeping position) but I got little bit scared of all the noises after 10pm and so I carried Princess Adrie in with me. Even in her sleeping stupor I felt confident she would protect me from the monsters under the bed and she did! She woke up quite pleased to be in Daddy's spot.

This morning the girls received salon treatment at the local beauty college. Buddy was really WOWED by the results as you can see. While they were getting their hair princess-styled he spent a good time in the lobby knocking over shampoo displays while I rearranged them. After, we went on a shopping spree at the local thrift store (D.I.) where you can get a book AND a toy for under $1. This was Kate's idea. She is our thrifty princess and so she was excited to find a strapping Hercules doll to marry one of her Barbies. Their new-to-them toys have already provided hours of good cheap fun.

Later we'll probably watch another girly movie and paint our nails or something. With all the kicks our wiggly princess Adrie gave me last night I might be brave enough to sleep alone tonight!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Organ donation

We were recently the lucky recipients of an ORGAN, a healthy wooden musical giant organ.
Our neighbors said they wasn't usin' it none (they really don't talk like that I was just thinking of that scene in "Oh Brother" when he sold his soul to the devil.) Like the guitar guy, they were happy to get rid of it.
Anyway, yeah, it's in the garage until it can have a special place in the basement which should be finished sometime this year. Like maybe before family comes for Thanksgiving.

What are we going to do with it?
Take lessons from somebody...? I've always wanted to be the ward organist. Maybe our girls will want to give it a try. We had an organ in the living room when I was growing up. My mom taught organ lessons on it. Guess she's the somebody that will have to come down and teach us! Could you blame me for not passing up a free musical instrument?

Just when we thought our summer couldn't get more exciting......we planned a camping trip...on the BEACH! (Desperation is a great teacher) If I had not been going through 3 years of beach withdrawals I might never have found out that you can camp there for as little as $25 a night! We don't own any camping gear, unless you count princess sleeping bags and our van. But, I have never been more excited to get some! Afterall, this will be a lifetime investment. If waking up on the beach and going to sleep on the beach and spending all day on the beach is that easy I'm going to want to do it often. So, our trip is planned for mid-September and I am feeling like I have a great life. We can work on the yard, finish our basement, and still afford a beach vacation!
Camping rocks!...organs are cool too.