Friday, November 26, 2010

A Gathering

This year we enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with the C. side of the family in sunny St. George. The men talked sports
The women shopped the ads.
Kids ate pie for dessert, and dinner, and breakfast, brunch and elevensies. Cannon just ate the cream on top.

Trevor and his vegetarian turkey--frui-turkey would be more accurate. We have him and Weston to thank for the fine napkin folding. We enjoyed a beautifully browned turkey hot out of the turkey fryer. It was too bad little Adam went out and touched the still hot fryer, burning his hands--not severely --but enough to cause him a lot of pain and screaming for the afternoon. Poor guy and it was only his 2nd Thanksgiving.

Dads doubling as playground equipment.
T and I made our plans and headed out for the Black Friday sales. I never thought I could freeze in St. George but standing in a line outside the bigbox at 3 a.m. was FREEZING! We didn't get there earlier enough for a big screen or even a 3-dollar sandwich maker but we were still able to make a significant dent in Santa's shopping list.
Brandon and I headed back after the insanity had dwindled for some birthday shopping. He hit the big 40 last week and I think he's better than ever.
Before heading back home we stopped at the cool euro-park where the kids got out and played. I would have taken pictures but I was passed out asleep in the van.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
p.s. a photo of our race. Brynn ran her first 1 mile race and did great! Brandon ran his first ever 5K just for fun. He just tumbled out of bed that morning and decided to see how he would do at age 40. He did great and easily passed me although I in contrast, have been pounding the pavement about 12-14 miles/week for the last 2 years!? 3 cheers for 3 sweaty ... folks.