Thursday, July 10, 2008

A little questionnaire cold cocoa sent my way...

1. What is your favorite day of the week: FRIDAY. All routine goes to the wind we do whatever. I don't cook and it's date night.
2. What is your favorite candybar? Reese's Peanut Butter cups RULE!
3. What is your favorite restaurant? Chinese: Mountain City in SLC but I like anything new and ethnic.
4. Favorite fast food? Local greasy spoons--always have the best fries and malts.
5. What city in UT would you most like to live? American Fork--has all my favorite shopping stops nearby plus a temple, view of mountains, and fairly close to airport.
6. Would you rather get flowers or a pint of ice cream from your hubby? Flowers. I love them.
7. Would you rather be an anchorwoman or an owner of a small shop? Anchorwoman--although I'm afraid I would laugh at inappropriate times or cry at the sad stories or get mad at politicians. Really, I'd just be in it for the hair and makeup artists.
8. Magazine editor or prosecution lawyer in the big city? Neither. Doctor something--think Addison on Grey's Anatomy.
9. Favorite household chore? Laundry. I love my whirlpool duet HE front loaders--they make the job so fun.
10. Least favorite? Everything else. Ironing stinks.
11. Favorite cereal? Waffle Crisp, Fruity Pebbles. Healthy:Basic 4, Nature Valley Crunchy (comes in the green box on the top shelf)
12. Favorite season? SUMMER
13. What is your favorite active activity? Tennis, shopping, traveling, water sports.
14. Favorite leisure activity? being on the beach, browsing a magazine.
15. Do you take vitamins? Liquid Iron and B vitamins from Germany--they're nasty.
16. How many tickets? Symphony tickets? I wish. Traffic tickets? 2 --on the way to the temple even!!
17. What does your retirement bring? Travellllllllllll, mission, good health
18. What talent you want to have? composing music, public speaking.


cold cocoa said...

Good point about American Fork and all the hot shopping places. Plus, that's MY temple so that could be nice to be closer to. I agree with the ironing. I never do it. Wrinkles be danged. Or not be, in my case. I'd also love to be able to publicly speak. I took a class at BYU but that didn't change my lack of not being able to chill with my audience...

T said...

Ironing should be outlawed... or at least passed onto the people who want to wear the nicely pressed white shirts :) Wrinkles are a fashion statement!

So... are the liquid Iron and b's easier on the system - even my one-a-day women's formula is really horrid, there has to be an easier way!

Sher said...

Ah, sitting on the beach is a good leisure activity! I like that one too. Tia sometimes irons her clothes and sometimes her money but she's about the only one. I think I pull out the ironing board once or twice a year when the spray on wrinkle releaser stuff doesn't work.

Megz said...

What's the prob w/ ironing? You just have to stand there and therapeutically fix the wrinkles of your life while you watch TV. In all fairness, I have only ironed like twice since Hub thinks he does it way better than me. And he actually owns clothes that need it. I learned the spray bottle method from Quinn years ago and strictly adhere to it. My children often go to school with their wrinkly t-shirts wet from their morning 'iron'.
Sorry, Laura, irnoning can get me going apparently. I think you'd make a good anchor woman. And I'm jealous of your washing machine.

LC said...

I see that we've covered ironing--a plenty. I actually NEVER iron because I am a hedonist and I only do things I like. The spray bottle is the only method.

Did I mention that AF also is between families, another reason it would be a great location. Maybe if that entrepeneurial Leon wanted to build a lakeside housing development there it would be just perfect.

Thanks for the fun quiz cold cocoa!