Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Start a Revolution

These are not ordinary kids playing on an ordinary playground. NO Sireeee! This is actually a revolution... a French revolution. This week was Bastille Day (July 14). Don't tell me you've never celebrated before?!

Fireworks, picnics, parades--this is big stuff in France. We are always looking for a partay! So we invited some fellow partiers to join us at the park for this one.

Here you see the angry bourgouise storming the Bastille and shouting, "LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY." That'll show King Louis XVI !

Marie Antoinette's response to the starving oppressed French people, "Let them eat Cake!"

A fellow Parisian doing just that.

And how about a little "Tour de France" anyone?
Get out your picnic blanket and a spread of french bread, cheese, fruit, and a little bubbly...who wouldn't want to celebrate!


Megz said...

I like the Tour de France idea. And the cake idea. Who got to be beheaded though?

T said...

once again - you're amazing!

but yeah - the beheading thing... I'm thinking that's a good idea for next year!

LC said...

Good point guys. Whoever is guilty of putting the finger pokes in the cake will have to be sent to the guillotine.