Monday, August 3, 2009

Organ donation

We were recently the lucky recipients of an ORGAN, a healthy wooden musical giant organ.
Our neighbors said they wasn't usin' it none (they really don't talk like that I was just thinking of that scene in "Oh Brother" when he sold his soul to the devil.) Like the guitar guy, they were happy to get rid of it.
Anyway, yeah, it's in the garage until it can have a special place in the basement which should be finished sometime this year. Like maybe before family comes for Thanksgiving.

What are we going to do with it?
Take lessons from somebody...? I've always wanted to be the ward organist. Maybe our girls will want to give it a try. We had an organ in the living room when I was growing up. My mom taught organ lessons on it. Guess she's the somebody that will have to come down and teach us! Could you blame me for not passing up a free musical instrument?

Just when we thought our summer couldn't get more exciting......we planned a camping trip...on the BEACH! (Desperation is a great teacher) If I had not been going through 3 years of beach withdrawals I might never have found out that you can camp there for as little as $25 a night! We don't own any camping gear, unless you count princess sleeping bags and our van. But, I have never been more excited to get some! Afterall, this will be a lifetime investment. If waking up on the beach and going to sleep on the beach and spending all day on the beach is that easy I'm going to want to do it often. So, our trip is planned for mid-September and I am feeling like I have a great life. We can work on the yard, finish our basement, and still afford a beach vacation!
Camping rocks!...organs are cool too.


cold cocoa said...

An organ! What does BD think of keeping the stray musical instrument?

Where are you going to find a beach? You left that important detail out. I want to hear about the beach vacation!

Sheree said...

Cool! Organs are so mystifying to me. All the cool things they can do. I've been looking for a piano like that big old fashioned one you guys had. That was cool.

We are going beach camping too! We're going to Doheny this weekend. I'd love to know where you guys are staying. I can't wait. Sounds sandy, but fun.

Laura said...

What beach are you going to? Sounds like so much fun. I wish my husband wasn't fearful of large bodies of water and creepy things that live in them. Oh, well...besides that he's perfect.

LC said...

SHEREE We are going to Doheny too! You'll have to tell me all about it.

CC and Laura--Doheny is a State Park in San Diego where it's a balmy 77 degrees all the time! WAnna come?

Megz said...

Moving an organ into your basement? We knew some people who bought a house with the organ included because they couldn't get it out of the basement! (don't ask how it got there in the first place)
We have beaches in Utah. Is it just the ocean you are obsessed with? It's fun to have a trip to look forward to though.

T said...

beach camping Rocks! that sounds heavenly to me... shhh... let me decide before telling Quinn about it because he WILL want to crash the party :)

stephanie said...

wondering what in the heck I missed in the family when I saw the title "organ donation' I am glad it was the instrument and not a kidney or something.