Friday, September 4, 2009

I really should be...

Why am I sitting here at the computer when I really should be...

  • packing for a weekend trip
  • getting my eyebrows waxed before Brandon's 20 yr. high school reunion tonight
  • cleaning so I can come home to a nice house
  • making zucchini bread out of the produce our friend generously donated
  • leveling our dirt with a backhoe so we can get a yard in before fall
  • planning a Sunday lesson (I'm substituting in Primary)
  • delivering a little gift for my neighbor's birthday
  • spending my birthday money
  • reading one of the 4 books I've started on the nightstand
  • moving around so I can at least have excercised more than once this week
  • finding out which house in the neighborhood my kids ended up at

The clock is ticking. I better get to at least a couple of these and that will at least count as excercising right?


Megz said...

Honey, those old people at a 20 year reuntion wouldn't even be able to tell if you waxed your eyebrows. They'd be too busy trying to figure out whose daughter you were. just kidding BD.

And good for you on actually planning to prepare a primary lesson rather than just winging it!

Michelle said...

How did the reunion go? Lack of waxed eyebrows aside, did you enjoy yourselves?