Thursday, July 29, 2010

Try some of these GREAT products today!

BD is off on his brother-bonding camping trip which means....we have to have SO MUCH fun we won't miss him.
The Beauty College was closed for summer break--darn it!! We did our best to rally by having our own at-home spa. This meant sending all the neighbor kids home, NOT answering the door, setting Bud up with a movie, and putting on some relaxing tunes...ahh.

This Glacial Marine Mud by NuSkin left our skin feeling radiant and fresh!

Next we had pedicures using our Homedics Foot Spa. The NuSkin Exfoliating Cleanser was perfect for rubbing onto ticklish toes.

Tired feet revitalized!

Here Adrie is using the Homedics Massager along with her gentle touch. Obviously, Kate is loving it!

You can bet I made the rounds too. Adrie and Brynn each took one of my foots to pedicure. Then it was Kate's turn to work her magic on me with the massager. Why don't we do this more often?!

After relaxing with our at-home spa treatments and with the rain pouring down outside it seemed like the right thing to do next was watch a movie. Brynn popped us some KettleCorn --from the gourmet kitchen of Orville Redenbacher and we browsed Netflix where we found thousands of great titles available to watch instantly.

Goodness! We were having so much fun we forgot all about Brynn's gymnastics lessons. (I sent her anyway-- 25 minutes late.)
After picking her up we headed right to McDonalds for some Happy Meals (Yah, we're lovin' it) For myself I indulged in one of their new fabulous REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIES.

What will we do tomorrow? Maybe steal BD's bike and go on a family bike ride... That's all I got.
Come home soon love!


T said...

I need to come on by... and YOU need to get some sponsorships for all the product placement :)

cold cocoa said...

I'm jealous of your fun times- you don't waste a minute! I'm sure McD's will find your blog and send you a 100 free coupons for the rave review.

Megz said...

Maybe you've given me some great ideas for tonight? Maybe if our facials were done with real mud and the massages with pain-inducing pinches I can talk my boys into it....
Way to live up the single parenting.

stephanie said...

What a fun idea! I will have to remember to copy you in the future.

I quite like the McDonald smoothies.

Sher said...

I like how you come up with fun plans for everyone when B.D. is gone. Way to go.