Sunday, January 9, 2011

Couch Potatoes

The big event around here is that we got a couch for the basement. The first thing the kids do after school is run downstairs to sit on it. We've all been spending a lot more time down there, playing Wii on it, reading on it, or just sitting and running our hands over it. It has sure spawned a lot more movie nights. I'm afraid we're turning into a family of couch potatoes.

In other news, the kids are now all in music lessons. Brynn is keeping up with violin. Kate has tried everything to get out piano (or any other instrument) but we finally found the right match.

WANTED: Therapist/Musician to teach emotional 9-yr old to make peace with the piano.

We found our man in Brandon, who will also be able to add the fatherly love and fear factor. He got the inspiration for his first lesson from Larry H. Miller's biography. In it there is a story called "The Five-Dollar Job, " where this boy goes to do some yardwork for an old lady and she explains to him that nobody has ever done a five dollar job. This, of course, sets him off for the challenge and through hard work, diligence, and numerous attempts, he finally achieves the 5-dollar job. Kate and Brandon have talked about he story and now have some plan worked out where Kate can earn money according to how well she practices. If there is any kicking or screaming, gnashing of teeth etc. she will owe us! This could fund our early retirement.

Adrie, on the other hand, is so excited to learn the violin, she has been begging us every day to teach her something new. She has learned the proper handling of the bow and the violin and has just worked up to running the bow across the strings. Screech!
I love her enthusiasm and hope it lasts forever.


Michelle said...

Wow, good for Brynn. We loved our new couch when we got it and then I got pregnant. Not so "new" anymore. Good luck keeping yours new.

Emily Bogh said...

yeah for new furniture and no worrries it looks great with the paint, it looks so comfy!

Megz said...

I'd want to hang out on that couch all day too.
Two kids on a stringed instrument--I don't get how your ears can stand it! Bless you for putting their talents above your personal comfort.

stephanie said...

new couches are the best! I totally understand why you would want to hang out on it all the time.

I hope your 5 dollar job idea works!

T said...

I'm not sure I could afford to pay the two oldest for their practice... we have a hard time getting T away from that piano, and when we finally employ the crowbar he goes straight to the guitar. yikes!

Sher said...

That couch looks good for reading on and all those other things you mentioned too -- except I'm not good at sitting down to play the Wii. I hope Brandon is the perfect piano teacher solution and that all goes well. I'm impressed with Brynn's playing already and it's good that Adrie is so enthusiastic. I think everyone in your family is great!