Monday, March 28, 2011

Why don't I live here?

We're baaack... from a little vacation to one of our favorite destinations! Why do I love you so much St. George???
You have all my favorite stores within a 10 minute radius! Brandon can do a little golfing while I can shop to my heart's content. What about the kids? You have the awesomest pool ( it has a waterslide) and the coolest park around (apparatuses enough to make you seriously dizzy.) And for the whole family? You have nature spectacular. Last time we did Zion's. This time we hiked the petrified dunes of Snow Canyon where the rocks are so red and the skies are so blue and SUNNY! Okay, the trip could have been a little warmer but 60 degrees and rain sure beat the 30's and snow that we would have had back at home. Besides all that fun we had some good quality bonding with my mom. It's thanks to her that we can come and spend a fun week in a condo.

I'm not sure why we don't live here??
This lady does (in the winter) and the name of her house? Casa Mariposa, as you can see they have a thing for butterflies which I will explain in a minute. This lady was my neighbor growing up in SL. I grew up with her daughter, my same age. Tragically, her daughter was killed in an accident at age 20. While our family was planning my wedding, their family was planning her funeral.
Her daughter loved butterflies, hence the yard accent. It was good to visit with the family and share memories.

Other awesome people live here too--like my BIL and SIL!
The former was able to join BD and watch the BYU game on cable. Even I watched it--faint. That Jimmer must be awesome because I could have been shopping. Cousins were able to play together. If it hadn't been raining we would have got in a game of Pickle Ball on the outdoor court. ah well, next time.

Anyway, as much as I love being on vacation, it is nice to be home again, even if it is 30 degrees and snowing! I've hopefully treasured up enough sun to get me through.


stephanie said...

tons of fun! I love st George too! basically for all of the same reasons.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful vacation. How funny that you love St. George for all the reasons that I hate it. I guess that's why we live where we do. The pictures are beautiful.

Megz said...

Your pictures made me start having a worse case of spring fever than I already had!
Looks like fun. So would you live in St. George versus camping on a beach?

cold cocoa said...

Looks like a super fun time. Wish I could have been there too!

We have been trying to get to St. George in a year now. Gotta do it before it's stifling!

LC said...

I'll take the BEACH, definitely.

T said...

sorry we missed out on pickle-ball... it's a lot warmer at nights now so we'll get in some practice before your next visit maybe :)