Saturday, November 19, 2011


Boston Temple 2011

The other day I was listening to the radio when I heard these lyrics,
"How wonderful life is, when you're in the world." It made me think of Brandon. I don't know what I did in heaven to deserve him but I sure am grateful that I get to be with him forever and ever.

He's a great husband and father, honest, kind, helpful, funny, all that good stuff but you already know that. In honor of his birthday, here are a few things about him that may surprise you. They surprise me!

He can remember the lyrics to any song or jingle that he's ever heard. Yah--get this: the tune for that old commercial for "Big Red" (gum) popped into my head the other day so I started humming it and filling in a pathetic few of the words I remembered and then Brandon chimed in and sang the whole commercial in it's ENTIRETY. Can you do it? Here's a little sample:
Give your breath *___ ____ ______ with Big Red!
Why does it still surprise me? He's been doing this for years. Pick any Christmas song, any song from the '80's and I'm telling you-- he can access it plain as day from the filing system in his brain.

Also, filed away in his brain are a lot of interesting vocabulary words, 50-cent words we call them. He can just pull them out and sprinkle them into his daily conversations. Not in a hoity- toity way-- he does it with ... what's the word? I'll have to ask him. He's a walking dictionary/thesaurus, a great writer, speaker, thinker. I think he could write some really great Presidential speeches.

I think I've mentioned this one before, but it here it is again. He has a sniffer like a hound-dog. However, instead of barking and chasing after that smell, he will describe it perfectly in words. Next time you're wearing one of your smelly lotion potions go on over and let him take a whiff. Sure enough he'll get it spot on, "Fresh mowed grass with a hint of barbeque sauce." That's what he'd be wearing, anyway.

He does mow our lawn and he does make great barbeque burgers. That is about the extent of his culinary skills so let's move on.

He's a good listener. He can listen to people ALL day and then come home and listen to ME and then tuck all the girls in and listen to THEM. Let's just say, when I put the girls to bed-- I come back upstairs a LOT sooner.

What's he reading? The Book of Mormon, and it's companion study guide, the biography of Thomas S. Monson, and the DSM Manual for treating Eating Disorders and Anxiety.
I think it's high time for some light fiction, don't you?

Patient as I'll get out, he can watch any televised sporting event, including golf! He can even sit in the cold for hours to watch a football game (like he is tonight, at BYU stadium). I wouldn't last 5 minutes before heading to the nearest warm and friendly mall!

All it takes for Brandon to be happy is to have homemade ice cream in the freezer. Bonus if you add a night at home with the whole family and nowhere to go. It sounds geriatric. But that must be why he has me--to add some spice, a little adventure, and to keep him from going to bed at 8 pm.

He knows the answer to any God/who we are/what happens when we die question anyone could ever have, and he answers them so humbly and eloquently. I really should take him on more plane rides. He's my Bible dictionary, my Topical Guide, Index and everything in between. Wanna know where the sword of Laban is? or What the purpose of the temple is? or if you could hie to Kolob? He'd know just what to say about all of it-- and he'd be able to sing you all 5 verses.

Life is good with Brandon. He's constantly surprising me with new abilities and fun-ness. He keeps me grounded and makes me laugh often, which sure makes for a more pleasant life journey. I'm glad to be on that ride with him for ever and ever.

Happy Birthday Love!!!!!!!!!

*long lasting freshness


Sheree said...

It is fun to hear all about Brandon! I was so happy when I met him and saw how perfect he was for you. And Brandon IS really smart, he knew what he had when he found you. You guys make a great couple!

cold cocoa said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! He is a great guy. I'd love to know where the sword of Laban is, too. And lots of other questions so when can I get his ear for a while?
And don't leave me hanging- what were the words of the Big Red jingle? I can't remember.
Hope the day is good!

Sher said...

Are you sure that Brandon doesn't know how to make lasagna? I thought all of the brothers knew how to make that! I'm good at remembering whatever lyrics I made up for a song in place of the real ones that i couldn't quite get. I can't remember that big red jingle either. Do we have to wait to see Brandon before we find out? I hope Brandon had a great birthday. He's a great, and helpful brother-in-law.

Megz said...

aww, sweet. It sounded as if you did a great job at making BD's Birthday special. Hope he got wear his pjs at 3 pm.