Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swiftly Seven

Adria turned 7 years old. She started out the day with cookie crisp cereal in bed, followed by a quick before-school game of present finding, called boola-boola. She found fun stuff like her own 2-L of soda and  rollerblades! They are exactly like the ones her older sister got for Christmas that she borrows so often. I had to text Santa on his beach vacation to find out where exactly I could get those exact skates. But, no harm done. He hooked me up and we got the job done.

I went to Adrie's school for a treat and story. Who would have guessed her favorite book was one full of dino facts?!  The kids gathered around the story chair and one boy groaned, "Please don't let it be a princess story."  Much to his relief and the other kids' delight I pulled out the dinosaur book and started reading aloud. Then I found out why Adrie, who dreams of being the class clown, chose this particular book,
                                 Over thousands of years the bones, teeth, footprints, and even poop....
cue roaring laughter from the whole class. 
I tried again, ...and even poop..
Again, volcano of uncontrollable laughter.
We finally got through the rest of the info to find out even dino poop turned to rock, called fossils.

Adrie had a good rest of the day with a little after school party, which wasn't quite as funny. Adrie  cried 5 different times.( She's saying it wasn't THAT many)  I guess it was too much responsibility to be the birthday girl. We went out for ice cream, made some glitzy rings, and played games.

Adrie's a great kid. She was our earliest talker and she's been entertaining us with her observations ever since. From her baby journal, age 4:
Adrie asked me today, "Mom what percent pretty are you?"
Of course I replied, "100 %"
Then she said very proudly, "I'm infinity"

One more--same age.
 "Mom, I know what a funeral is. It's when someone dies and you eat rolls."
Just when I was thinking that was pretty true, she said,
 "Get it?" Funa-ROLL......!
Here are a couple favorite photos from her quieter years...


Sher said...

Happy birthday to Adria. I hope she has a great time speeding around in those skates!

Sheree said...

She is definitely "infinity" percent pretty! And witty too. I love the dino poop story, I can just picture that! And a girl who loves rollerblades is my kind of girl!

Diana said...

I think of Adrie a lot when I talk to Claire...I think they could have some chatty times together. Can't believe she's 7 already!

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Adrie! I love how the mention of the word poop brings much laughter to children.