Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Get to St. George...right now

10. Blue Skies

As if that weren't enough...
This isn't your everyday playground

9.  Red Rocks

8. Sand Dunes
Go ahead and jump for joy
7. Sometimes you just wanna feel like you're on Top of the World?
Always consult the map

Bring It!
6. No Snow

 What a beautiful day for hiking Snow Canyon. We took the moderately treacherous Three Ponds trail which weaved us over petrified sand dunes, through dry river beds, at the base of sheer red cliffs, and  trudging through deep sand...Well, some of that that was off-trail but after all that we saw NO ponds and no definitely no snow. We were totally cool with that.

Early on in the trail, I was hanging back with little Bud when I saw off the trail an alcove of cool trees. I ran over to explore. That's when Bud yelled up-trail to the rest of family--and the other tourists a-plenty, "GUYS, WAIT UP FOR MOM--SHE'S GOING PEE!!"
 That's when we heard a non-family voice yell back, "SHOULD WE WAIT UP TOO?"  This older couple chuckled as we walked past. They shook little Bud's hand and said to me, "We hope Mom's feeling better..."

Cannon, in court jester fashion, was our entertainment more than once on this trip...At church during the silent reverent delivering of the sacrament he announced, "I smell bread coming closer."

Ok, back at it...

5. Shopping

 We scored at the Outlet Stores with $3 shirts and other good offerings from Justice and Children's Place
4.  Golfing
That's what Brandon did while we were shopping.

3.  Swimming
Sand Hollow Aquatic Center

 Does this look like the face of a kid who had the lifeguard whistle blown for him for 5 different violations from trying to go the wrong direction in the lazy river to floating around in the pool where the water slide exits?

2. You Can Engage in Outdoor Activities without risk of Frostbite

Especially great if you can do those outdoor activities with FUN COUSINS!

Probably that's the best reason of all or at least tied with #1 reason to visit St. George asap...
1.  Because 58 degrees feels like heaven when you've been living in 10.   
    Happy Trails...


Sherie Christensen said...

Your St. George weather was a LOT warmer than our St. George weather at the end of December. I'm glad you got to do lots of fun things.

Megan said...

This trip looks and sounds delightful. Gosh, I love your family Laura, and I've never even met half of them in person!