Friday, July 5, 2013

Proud to be Americans

Our Independence Day got off to a running start...

 Brynn (age 10) trained for and ran her first ever 5K!!
Here she is with her training partner and friend...and they ran it all without ever stopping.
 Next it was Parade Time on Main street where 2 of our kids were involved in different floats.
Adrie has loved her summer Cheer Camp.
 Brynn marched by with her gymnastics group doing tricks.  She insisted on this funky hair-do. 
 Go ahead and tell Brandon what a cool shirt he's wearing because it was the best Father's Day present ever. We kind of think he's super.
   Cannon was in kid-heaven with it all. Especially, because of all the candy being thrown out for the gathering.
 We are darn lucky in our town to have our own locally written and produced patriotic musical, "A Field of Stars" It really is a clever and well-written play that celebrates the true meaning of Independence Day and how it came to be. If you haven't seen it you really really should! We were glad Brandon's parents could travel over to see one of the 4 performances.
 Brandon and Adrie rocked the stage in their roles. Brandon was Paul Revere and the SchoolMaster, which is like the narrator. Adrie was a cute and happy little Bostonian.
 It's a real tear jerker in the end when the kids lead us all in singing "God Bless America."  Lots of time and talent were put into this year's will be nice to have a break until next year...when I'm sure we can get a few more our kids or maybe even myself  to catch the acting bug.

We barbequed with our good friends.or local family as we call each other. We all live far away from family so we are glad to have each other for babysitting, emergency contacts, and for celebrating holidays like this one!
 We missed Kate! She has been visiting the space needle, and Pike's Place, the ocean, Canada, and all kinds of other fun things with her Washingtons cousins. The Cousins Exchange is going pretttty well, I think. She is coming home tomorrow.

Of course, we ended the whole thing with a bang. The fireworks display over the red hills of Richfield was ESpectaculAR! 


Megan said...

Tell Paul Revere that he can totally pull off colonial garb, as well as super tees. What a fun 4th!

Sherie Christensen said...

Looks like some good Americana! B.D. needs to keep being in the play until the year when we can finally fit in coming to watch him! Adria too!