Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sister's Weekend

We have a new tradition in this family....
The Sister's Getaway

 Kicking off this year's festivities, in Sunny St. George---dinner, game night, and enough treats to kill a horse.
The next day we headed to beautiful Zion's National Park, where everyone could pick their pleasure when it came to hiking.
Some of us ignored the warning signs--the current death toll--the sign of a stick figure falling off a cliff. We called ourselves the Navy Seals of the family and pressed onward to Angel's Landing.
 Refrigerator Canyon was a welcome relief from the blazing sun and steep switchbacks.
 Made it to the top...

 Or so we thought....
We still had THIS to climb.  
 Clutching onto chain railing, and dodging dozens of Europeans, we scaled "The Fin"   Now we were really on top of the world.  It's no wonder that was a strenuous hike. See the dude hitching a ride in my backpack?!

It was all worth it for this view.
  I talked this chipmunk out of suicide.  He actually sat in my hand for a few seconds!
Mission accomplished.  We joined the others, who had done Emerald Pools and the Riverwalk. Concluded the day with a fantastic dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and had a movie night.
Our last day we cleaned up, packed up, and got a VIP tour of the soon to be Children's Museum in Ancestor Square. Can't wait to bring our kids back for that!  But for this weekend we sure enjoyed our woman bonding. If you haven't laughed until you've cried, you need a Sister's Getaway. Love these Ladies!


Megan said...

I definitely need to copy this tradition. What a great time in idyllic surroundings.

Sherie Christensen said...

That was really fun. Thanks for your planning and organizing. Sorry we didn't get to the play or the movie or the Mexican restaurant! You could have spent your blog whining about that but you are super nice. At least you made it to the top of the world (sort of) and got to hold a chipmunk and we all had lots of good laughs. You're terrific!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful time! I need a vacation like that more often. Thanks sisters for making it so fun.