Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Birthday Week

Brandon celebrated birthday 40-something. He liked getting some new shirts and treats, but his favorite was the no fog shaving mirror for the shower. Life-changer.  No one was more excited about gift-giving than Cannon. He colored a very nice U.S. flag and collected a few random trinkets throughout the house to re-gift to Dad. 

We decorated for Christmas! We have strictly waited until after Thanksgiving to decorate in year's past but then came the snow and the Christmas music and all of a sudden all the decor was placed and the tree trimmed. 

Adrie counted 15 Nativities. I really love Nativity sets and could almost go as far as saying I collect them. 

Adrie took some creative license with the leftover decorations and made a display in her room. Santa's going to have a warm lap with this line-up.

Brynn and Kate played basketball games. Kate's was especially exciting. She played very well!!

Our house became an international hub over the weekend with our exchange student potluck party. Making their debut were pretzels from Germany, pound cake from Belgium, Danish apple cake (aeble kage), Colombian cookies and that's right, Butterfingers from Spain! The Americans brought the root beer. Only the Colombian gave root beer the thumbs up. The Europeans think it reminds them of the dentist.  Who needs games? With all these students having the experience of their lives they were excited to talk, talk, talk!!

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Megan said...

I love reading about your life, your exchange students, your Santa tableau with queued stuffed animals, your idyllic Thanksgiving. So glad we have been friends these hundred years.