Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rain or Shine

Best memories of our weekend in St. George

Kate turned 14!!!!

Crepes with Nutella for breakfast
Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse
Chocolate birthday pie back at home.
Trees a-blossom

Muffins, jerky, dried mangoes, plums, coconut granola, frozen juice bars, and taquitos from Costco.

Brynn caught a toad in the garage after the rainstorm
Our first time at House of Jump
Shopping our hearts out.
Sofie got a prom dress!
Cannon got new shoes and learned to tie them.
Never too late to celebrate Chinese New Year with New clothes for everyone!
Dad and I enjoyed going to the temple for date night.

Exploring Anasazi Petroglyphs on the only sunny day
Discovering the diving board of doom.
Jackrabbits, lizards, deep red rocks.
Spectacular desert vistas.

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