Sunday, May 10, 2015

Farvel Friends

We hosted our end-of-year party for the exchange students. Due to a heavy downpour we moved it from the park to the church.  It was Adios, Farvel, and Au revoir to this awesome group of exchange students.  I really had a great group this year and combined with their awesome host families I'd say it was golden!

We moms provided loads of brownies, ice cream, and toppings for all exchange students and their families, and all their American friends. The crowds poured in.

Other exchange students from different organizations joined us. They represented BELGIUM, GERMANY, COLOMBIA, BRAZIL, THAILAND, SPAIN, AND DENMARK.  I love being able to bring the world to our little valley.

American friends and exchange students. Friends from all over the world.

Besides the treats, we had volleyball, a DVD slideshow of photos from the year. Thanks to I was able to put one together in an hour before the event:))  As pictured the younger ones found their own mode of fun.

I had originally ordered American flags for each student that their friends could sign. However, after getting the flags, and feeling uncomfortable at the thought of writing on them, I looked it up and sure enough, according the U. S. Flag code it is not permitted to write on a flag (or burn it or stomp on it or put images on it, etc.)  Luckily, the local poster shop was able to find an image on google and print out some custom posters for me. I think that was the highlight for the students. They had fun reading and writing messages from their friends and will be able to take those home and have a great souvenir to hang in their rooms when they return.   I love my job!

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