Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wild Summer Wednesdays

We are continuing a summer tradition that started a few years ago.
On our fridge is a list of summer activities ranging from bowling to hiking to swimming.
Each week one of the kids gets to pick the activity AND invite a friend along to join us.  We've chosen Wednesday as our day for the chosen activity and we call it Wild Wednesday. The only rule is that everyone participates and they have to stay within the $20 budget.

The youngest started us out the first week of summer by choosing.
1. Manti pool and splash pad. We went for ice cream after.

2. The next week Adrie chose to go to the movies.
We saw INSIDE OUT and loved it.

3. For Brynn's week we went to SEVEN PEAKS waterpark. We are pass holders so we only had to pay for the lunch we packed in the cooler, parking, and ice cream treats for the drive home.

4.  Kate chose our favorite natural splashpad, Maple Grove Campground. It has river with a rope swing, some waterfalls, and is just a beautiful place in the mountains to just hang out. With the $10 after day-use fee, she and her sisters picked up some treats at the store to supplement our picnic.

Work hard. Play hard. Next I'll post about our daily summer chore list.

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