Sunday, October 11, 2015

8 Hour Spiritual Feast

I like to learn. I like to watch TED talks while folding laundry and talk radio while driving. I like to gather good information from all sources. Nothing is more inspiring and more a feast of spirituality for me than LDS General Conference. 
 I LOVED it this year!
This year, as is tradition,  my niece and her little family came down to visit. We went to Christensen's Department store and everyone picked out their favorite candy to share while watching talks on TV.
We also have a vegetable tray, fruit, and cheese and crackers. But, who cares about that. 

For these guys it's all about the candy!! 

You know something's up when it's too quiet. We caught this kid a couple of times--the best was under the ping pong table feasting on the entire tray of candy. What a happy, secret, world he was living for a minute...

Shenanigans during conference. Dad is "stair patrol" for those who think they can grab a handful of candy and skedaddle.

As I mentioned, I LOVED Conference. I gleaned so much. Here are a few of the gems that spoke to me personally and didn't the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing amazing, "Come, Come Ye Saints."

What lack I yet?  Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion  The gospel is so simple, a child can understand, yet so complex it would take more than a lifetime to completely comprehend. You are rich if you can live happily within your means/avoid debt. We marry potential not perfection. A mother's love is the closest example to Jesus' love for us. The world fights for children's identity and mind. We must win this fight. This calling is not about me. It is about the Lord and his work. When you get an impression, DO IT!! Women are distinct and different than women of the world in happy ways. PONDERIZE weekly. The Lord gives us commandments because he LOVES us. Obedience is our expression of love toward HIM. When you can't do what you've always done, you only do what matters most. FAMILY is the center of life and the key to eternal happiness.

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