Sunday, December 20, 2015

Phoenix - filled Day

 Our first day in Phoenix was full of wedding celebrating. Day 2 we packed with sightseeing and family events. The itinerary was as follows:
The soccer game of 7- year old little cousin in Scottsdale.
 Desert hike
Early Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant
Night at the family friendly comedy club
I don't know if we won or lost the soccer game, but the important thing is we were all there for the "tunnel of victory." The parents form two lines, raising their arms to form a tunnel for all the kids to run through.  Who wouldn't feel like a winner after that?!
After that event it was on to the desert hike.
This hike, Camelback is in the middle of the Phoenix metro area and provides an awesome view from all sides. Most of these hearty youngsters (my nephews and nieces) and my own kids went on further to climb the towering boulders. The hike took us 2 hours at a snappy pace, and lots of water (thanks to my nephew for giving me his)
For the Norwegian, the desert scenery was a stark contrast from her Northern clime. We were all loving 80 degrees in November! 
 We had our early Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel and then headed to the comedy club.
This picture just makes me happy. I think it is because palm trees and Christmas are in the same scene, plus some cute kids.
Comedy club, Jesterz, was a first for us. This was a family-friendly, audience participate kind of comedy club. We had a great time. Our hotel was next to a huge shopping mall, Superstition springs. We wished we had more days to enjoy all the city offerings with our fun Phoenix family but it was a quick trip!

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