Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Green Birthday

A leprechaun visited our house

He left us treats, all of them green.

 And something green to wear in case we didn't already have something.

It was also Cannon's birthday #7.

He got a giant encyclopedia of animals, a ninja costume with a dragon sword, and some legos. It was a pretty fantastic day. Dad took him to lunch. We had his favorite, soup and bread bowls for dinner. His special cake request was Lego ninjago. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ski Day

We finally got some snow as Winter showed it's true colors with a bona-fide snowstorm.
We drove to Eagle Point Resort for its first day open after the fresh snow.

A caravan of 3 carloads from the neighborhood left early in the morning on Thursday...for fresh powder you can miss one day of school.  We packed a lunch and hit the resort with a bargain at $30 a lift ticket.
What a beautiful day! There was not a cloud to be seen and the sky hadhad never looked so blue.
This was Adrie ' s first time ever on the slopes. For the rest of us , it was just like riding a bike.
Adrie was a natural! Her friend fell and we had to call ski patrol to get her down the mountain. Luckily, it was just a minor knee strain. They strapped her onto a sled and a snowmobile whisked her to safety. She spent the rest of the day resting in an urt. We joined her there for lunch and hot chocolate. The employees were so nice. We love coming to this resort. 
We returned home sunburned and exhausted. I had to put in a couple hours work at the clinic and then go straight to symphony rehearsal. But, we sure enjoyed our first and probably last ski day for this year.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rain or Shine

Best memories of our weekend in St. George

Kate turned 14!!!!

Crepes with Nutella for breakfast
Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse
Chocolate birthday pie back at home.
Trees a-blossom

Muffins, jerky, dried mangoes, plums, coconut granola, frozen juice bars, and taquitos from Costco.

Brynn caught a toad in the garage after the rainstorm
Our first time at House of Jump
Shopping our hearts out.
Sofie got a prom dress!
Cannon got new shoes and learned to tie them.
Never too late to celebrate Chinese New Year with New clothes for everyone!
Dad and I enjoyed going to the temple for date night.

Exploring Anasazi Petroglyphs on the only sunny day
Discovering the diving board of doom.
Jackrabbits, lizards, deep red rocks.
Spectacular desert vistas.