Monday, March 10, 2008

Family Night Foibles

You'd think our kids would know a little something about the gospel but those family night lessons can always surprise you. Adrie gave our lesson (with dad's help) about the life of Jesus.
After they read a few lines together. Dad asked everyone a question. Kate's was a fill-in-the blank: "Jesus suffered for our_____. He had to repeat "OUR....OUR..." several times before Kate responded, "Jesus suffered for HOURS?!
Then Brynn's question, "What did Jesus use for the sacrament?"
"Fish and coffee" was her answer.


Megz said...

I'm so glad you're here! I'm also glad that my kids aren't the only ones floundering at gospel fill-in-the-blank. When we mixed a President's Day lesson so soon after our prophet tributes we heard a lot about Abraham 'Hinckley'.

Sher said...

I can't think of any gospel lesson funnies just now -- but I know we have our moments too! It's Jake's turn for the lesson today. I guess I'd better get busy!

cold cocoa said...

Congrats on the blog Laura! That is funny about the fhe. And when you hear the words they are using for the hymns or primary songs- totally not getting the message but singing in such pretty voices! I love it. I wonder what age it starts to actually click?

DKAZ said...

I found you on Megz blog and this post gave me a good chuckle. I had to comment on the comedy of it all. Good luck next time.