Monday, October 20, 2008


Phew! If ever there was a full weekend of family fun--it was this one. While our neighbors were out enjoying the last hunt of the year and their wives convening for their own parties (thank you Brandon for not being the least bit interested in guns) we headed up to the big city to join family-- (who thankfully also are not interested in guns.)
If you're going to go out and get manly with nature, golfing is a way better choice: less time, less money, less dangerous, less smelly, and no carcasses to deal with. That is how Brandon and a few other husbands spent the morning, on a beautiful mountain course.
They got back in the nick of time for their wives to join the annual C. family ladies LUNCHEON, followed by the ladies CRAFT. Lucky for me, there was no painting involved in this year's project. Just pretty hair bow's for little girls. So fun. I felt my creativity getting better with each one. Here is a random sampling of some of everyone's (thanks to T for the good ideas). I'm thinking this was so fun I will want to make more when I get a crafty minute this weekend. Ladies, let's work on improving the glue gun--how bout super sticky dots or something that will keep our fingerprints intact.

Last the best of all for the day...The C. Family Halloween Party. Riddles, guess the candy in the jar, donut-eating contest, cake-walk, pinatas, the spooky backyard forest, an almost true ghost story that scared baby Cannon, and the Monster Mash (Aunt Megz has the moves even when she's preg.!) Then there were all the cool costumes. My personal faves: W.'s road kill, B's monster truck, and Crocodile Cannon. (photo will be on the official Halloween costume post) ....oh the memories our kids are going to have...Thanks to everyone.
And as if that wasn't enough partying we carried it over one more day to celebrate the baby blessing of 2008 baby #6, who isn't just a number, he is the newest cutest member of the C. fam.! What a weekend! And that explains why my facebook page says, "I'm glad to be home."
Thanks to CC for hosting us and providing us with all the things we forgot to pack.


Megz said...

Dang. None of my bows made it in that picture, probably because they would have made everyone else's look totally homemade.

Fun times were had. It makes me wonder what other families do when they don't have 20 adults to delegate activities to??

T said...

you took yours home to quickly megz! I'll have to link to both of you to prove to my readers that the bows weren't just made up! Thanks for taking pictures :)

cold cocoa said...

Nice summary. I too felt my creativity increasing as I was going...too bad we didn't have another couple hours to really crank out the creations! PS.. do we have a white bow clippy of yours?