Thursday, October 2, 2008

20, 10, 5, 1...

20 years ago:

I thought boys had it way better in life. I was a tomboy and played soccer at recess with the rest of the boys. I loathed Tuesdays because that meant piano lessons-- Couldn't wait for Thursdays because that was gymnastics. I didn't know what stage fright was--for extra credit I would memorize poems (mostly shel silverstein) and volunteer to recite them in front of class. Boy have I changed...

10 years ago:

I decided I better learn how to cook. I was newly married and had to tranfer my credits from BYU to the U of U to finish up my degree while BD attended grad school. I spoke Spanish more than English when I worked PT at the hospital as a nurse aide/translator for the newborn and maternity units. We were poor but happy folk.

5 years ago:

2 little kids kept me busy. I was into running and scrapbooking (the cut and paste kind.)

1 year ago:

Blaah! I was so sick with pregnancy I wanted to die. I watched every DVD we owned and had IV's while my kids hopped from neighbor to neighbor and the church brought in food.


I made cookies in honor of homemade cookie day (I'm so easily persuaded), did homeschool, took B. to gymnastics where I met a nice mom from Peru that I could practice my rusty Spanish with, rode bikes and had foot races in the church parking lot with BD and the kids (BD beat me every time even when he was holding 2 kids), did yoga, pulled an all-nighter thanks to that stubborn baby boy--which brings me today. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


cold cocoa said...

What changes a year (or 20) bring! That is interesting that you were such a child-star. With that knowledge, you know you have that talent in there to be the star of your ward's next road show!

As for last year, that is unfun suffering. Didn't you watch Roots or something? Way to make most of your down time. Does he need a sleep coach in Derek or Megan? They'll bring out the whips in no time.

T said...

I'm liking these glimpses into life... I'm just waiting until my "today" is a good one so that I can make the "yesterday" part a nice one like yours!

Megz said...

I am glad you can still use your Spanish skills even in Richfield.
Does B share your love of gymnastics? Dang. I hear kids yelling that Noelle is playing in the school sprinklers again. This will be the end of my comments.

Sheree said...

I remember that 20 years ago--you were the best friend a girl could ask for. I remember being amazed that we never fought. Then it occurred to me that it was because YOU were so nice!

I am sorry you were so sick with your pregnancy. That is SO hard.

I love this post!

Sher said...

I wish you lived closer! Then you could teach me Spanish and we could practice together and I could eat your cookies since Dan's allergic to so many things I don't make many anymore. Much better for me health wise but not as delicious!