Monday, February 16, 2009

Break a Leg

The Missoula Children's Theater was in town last week holding auditions for "Little Mermaid." Brynn wanted to go. Kate had mixed feelings. Monday I took them and they tried out with 140 other kids. After two hours of singing, dancing, and practicing impromptu lines, the directors were able to pick 60 kids for parts. Hooray for our shy quiet Kate who was selected. She got a role as a seahorse and it gave her quite the air of confidence.
Brynn and pretty much all kindergarteners and first graders didn't get parts but, Brynn was sure a good sport about it. She was just as happy with her consolation prize--a free ticket to the show.

The next week was spent in a whirlwind of rehearsals. Saturday was showday. Kate did a great job on stage prancing, singing, and neighing in her seahorse group. What a great opportunity for her. She said she had fun doing the play. Yesterday was the first time we've ever had to send her to her room for singing too much at dinner. Hopefully Brynn will get her chance to have such fun.


cold cocoa said...

Holy elaborate costumes! And they did all that in one week?

Great job Kate...I always wish I could go back in time and be Dorothy instead of a munchkin.

stephanie said...

way to go Kate! Nothing like performing to boost your confidence.

T said...

such a fun opportunity - do they travel with all the sets and costumes??? What a cute seahorse she makes!

LC said...

Yes,t, this theatre company shows up with sets, costumes, scripts, etc. and they do this all over. They have a group in Asia right now.

Megz said...

Can I get Kate's autograph? That's the kind of play I wouldn't mind week of rehearsal and one night of performance. Then photos that last a lifetime.