Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I like this tag because I can talk about myself and in totally random ways!

1. I have a deep down desire to go to Medical School but I'm not sure I have the time or the brains to do it.

2. My perfect church calling would be Ward Music Leader--no talking, just music that I get to choose.

3. I could really use a housecleaner once a week. I'm not exactly on top of things.

4. If I want to be active I like tennis, skiing, yoga, running (after I'm done) and if I wanted a REALLY good time it would be any water activity--like boating or sea-do-ing. BTW I haven't done sea-doing or skiing in like 10 years...waaahhh. Oh and horseback riding...

5. The beach is my heaven. I love walking in the sand right where the waves lap up, I love collecting shells, boogie boarding, or just watching the waves. I never want to leave it and when I'm not on it I like to surround myself with things that remind me of it. I don't know why I live in the middle of UT.

6. If there is any sort of cultural event/musical performance/art exhibit/ or play in town I am so there.

7. I really disagree with all the handshaking at church. Hello, it's flu season?

8. One of the best investments I ever made was a professional "bra fitting" at Dillards. I recommend it to every woman.

9. I LOVE travel and my travel bug especially acts up around Spring.

10. I love a good sense of humor and Brandon has one of the best. He's always making me laugh.

11. Music is one of my passions. I'd make a great American Idol judge and a lousy contestant.

12. Black widows absolutely haunt me and for some reason our part of town is plagued with them....ewwwwww.

13. I would like to adopt a Latino lifestyle: main meal at 2pm followed by siesta. Latin dancing on the weekends.

14. Actually I am fascinated by all cultures. I would like to learn how other people in the world live and adopt what I like best of each. Who has the best food? How about the comfiest seating? Who's got the best language? The best ice cream? (Spain)

15. I want to learn everything and go everywhere and there is just not enough time to do it.

16. I LOVE new clothes. Shopping for them online or in-stores is way too fun.

17. I really want a good set of knives and a memory foam mattress topper but I can't seem to bring myself to buy them.

18. Sleeping in my down comforter and flannel sheets and down pillow makes me feel like a Queen. (Brandon bought those)

19. I am the Liberty Girls Leader in our area. I have fun thinking of crafts and treats and activities the 6-10 year old girls can do to learn about American History. (We use the American Girl series)

20. Some of the greatest inventions to me are toilet paper, toilet, iPod, internet, Motrin, washer/dryer, showers, lotion, chapstick, peanut butter (especially in the form of Reese's)

21. My parents owned a gourmet chocolate store when I was little. I had free reign of the place. (that's why my taste buds are so mature and why I have so many cavities.)

22. I really dread getting up in front of people to speak.

23.My future dream job would be to work in a Birthing Center for Spanish speaking women. one-3 months out of the year I would travel to Spanish-speaking countries to deliver babies and improve healthcare overall. I'd travel anywhere actually. The U.S. could probably use some help too.

24. My worst job would be dentist/or hygienist. Anything that has to do with teeth and saliva grosses me out intensely. I know... ironically the blood and guts of the medical world doesn't...?

25. I don't know how I got such good-natured kids. I love being able to stay home with them and watch them learn!


cold cocoa said...

A birthing center? That is very humanitarian of you. I could see you and BD culturizing and charitizing all over the earth in a few decades.

I totally agree with no handshaking! Besides the flu germs we know that 70 percent of men don't wash after toileting. Ew...don't tell anyone, but I hand gel myself after a questionable handshake.

Sheree said...

The Liberty Girls Leader sounds so fun! I bet your girls love that--and this post just reminds me that we need to get our families together sometime soon.

stephanie said...

gourmet chocolate store! Lucky!

I love new clothes too. they make me feel so good!

Megz said...

A bra fitting at I know where your good form comes from.

T said...

Having BEEN a dental assistant - I have to agree with that field being bad...

and y'all need to come on down here and we'll make a sea-doo trip (when it's a tad warmer)

Laura said...

Who knew? Talk to Lisa Ellingford about the birthing center thing...she is an authority on the subject. Plus,I totally agree with the greatest inventions thing. Thank goodness for smart people.