Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bee Prayerful

Dad gave a lesson awhile back for Family Night about prayer. He encouraged us when we pray to think of each person in our family, and then ask Heavenly Father to bless them in a specific way. Since then family prayers have become a lot more interesting...
Here is a potpourri of some of things we have heard from the kids:

Please bless:

that Mom won't get stressed out when her kids don't obey........that Brynn will be nice to the new girl at school.........that Daddy can do a good job at work and that people will feel better after he talks to them.......that Cannon won't play with toilet water.......that Adrie can learn to SHARE.......that Kate can practice the piano and not whine.......that Cannon can grow up to be a handsome young man...

In other news: Kate and Brynn participated in a Spelling Bee for our local Family Statesmanship Academy. We had a winner! Kate won for the 6-8 age group! She asked me today if that counted as one of her assignments for developing her talents--you bet. All the kids got trophies and treats and it was a pretty fun event. I was proud of myself for resisting the urge to yell the correct answers from the audience.

Remember those Reflections contests? Of course you do, they are still alive and well. Brynn won 1st place for a picture she drew "I wonder what it's like on Mars." This is huge news in our family because I brought no scrap of artistic genes to the pool. Every year in grade school, I entered the Reflections contest, confident that my drawing, poem, piece of music, whatever it was (I tried them all) would be a sure winner. And, every year I was shocked to see what the OTHER kids had done--and disappointed that mine was pale in comparison.--A poster size oil painting of a teddy bear on a swing? How does a kindergartner do that, I wondered? Where did they get that paper and those special paints??? Yet, every year I would try again and be sure that THIS was the year I would win. I never won even an honorable mention. sniffle. sniffle.

So, now that I've provided the background you can understand why I was feeling completely happy and fulfilled to see a 1st place ribbon on my daughter's picture and NO I did NOT help her--no oil paints or poster size paper canvasses here! (I didn't win any Spelling Bee's either.)
Just living the dream through my children.


stephanie said...

those are all good things to pray about.

Good Job kate on the spelling bee and Brynn for the reflections contest.

Sheree said...

Cute prayers! I love that kind of stuff. They think of the funniest things!

How neat to win the reflections! I too never got to win anything. But I think it is partly because I never paid any attention to the theme. My fruit bowl in chalk just wasn't very inspirational I guess.

You did a lot of neat poems and things though. Do you still have those?

I can't believe that Elise is the same age I was when you and I became friends. I really hope she has a great friend like you. She is reading Island of the Blue Dolphins tonight, and I remembered that was one of our favorites.

Anyway, there are my random comments for the day!

cold cocoa said...

Hurray for winners! I really understand living the achievements through the children. But then there is immense disappointment when you KNOW they could WIN but they don't enter the contest! Or they don't win so they don't have the fire to try again.

Laura said...

Don't you just love little kid prayers? We could have used the toilet water one when Brandt was a we need a prayer that he will just take a shower once a week or so... if we're lucky.

Congrat's to the girls for their accomplishments!

Megz said...

Every time Ethan prays at dinner he prays that 'nobody will say yucky things about this dinner'...interesting because he's the one who usually does.
Congrats to your little winners!

T said...

Yay - congrats to the winners!

and I think that is a good depiction of Mars - lots of fun!