Thursday, April 9, 2009

serving the dead and killing the living

Brandon and I went to the Manti Temple yesterday evening--General Conference was a pretty good motivator. On the way home we hit a deer--so Scary and sad. Fortunately, there were no other cars around because Brandon had to veer into the oncoming traffic lane. I'm sure that was an awful death for that poor deer and we felt so bad.
It didn't take long for us to find out the damage to our car. I couldn't even open the passenger door to get out. It is completely dented in and it HAD a chunk of fur stuck to the side of the car. I say HAD because our very curious and "hands-on" little 8yr old neighbor pulled it off just recently. She probably would have kept it if I had not screamed in disgust. Brandon is now out in the garage pounding away at the door and hopefully doing more repair than damage.

Here are some tips in case your vehicle ever comes face to face with a deer (like on your way to visit us.)
1. avoid the deer by veering into another lane
2. slam on the brakes
3. travel at dusk on the backroads

1. Travel during the day when the deer are tucked safely away in the woods

I'm just glad I wasn't driving because I didn't know the do's and don'ts before yesterday. My only natural instinct was to scream. It's too bad our temple service had to be marred by such a frightening experience. Next time we'll just follow rule #1 and opt for a morning session.


stephanie said...

scary! I am glad that you are ok. Good tips. My instinct would be to scream and cover my eyes.

Megz said...

Darn that deer. Sorry. That's a bad way for a deer and a car to die. Glad you guys didn't get injured.
And I didn't know BD knew how to do auto body repair. Is he just using a hammer to fix your car door??

LC said...

Good question Megz. He doesn't know how to do autobody repair--he was going off a tip from a client?

cold cocoa said...

Are you really supposed to hit them full speed head-on? Are they not huge enough that that they would go through the windshield or whatnot?

What a scary thing.

Laura said...

Shoot! Well, that would have been a better death for Bambi rather than crunched by a car. Sorry about your run-in.
We were motivated and planning on going soon also, but I will heed your advice and go in the morning... but how do you avoid the back roads? Aren't all roads back roads in Sevier and Sanpete County?

T said...

ugh - that's a scary experience for you... probably a little worse for the deer - for a second or two at least - but no fun for anyone!

Lady Di said...

I am still paranoid after getting hit by a deer 4 years ago (that's right---it ran into MY door; I couldn't do a thing about it!). I was actually surprised at myself for not being more sorrowful at its death---considering how I mourned a squirrel I killed a few months earlier. But that squirrel didn't cost me $1,ooo in repairs, either!