Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can't Catch a Fly with Vinegar.

What is this-- a new post?? You'd think we'd been hibernating or something. Well, it's kind of like that when you spend the week holed up in your house for 10 days passing around colds, fevers, and coughs and never leaving except to get remedies at the store. When you're feeling miserable, you're head is stuffed, your lungs feel heavy, and you just want to breathe again, you get desperate to try anything!
I did some online searching for home remedies and came across a pretty cool website for alternative medicine: Think only instead of people reviewing products, they rate and review different natural remedies. Got joint pain? try cabbage leaves. Allergies? raspberries. Pretty awesome.
So, after reading 30 very convincing testimonials (out of 127) I was sure that apple cider vinegar would cure my sinus infection. I went to the health store and went hog wild! I bought of course the acv, along with some grapefruit seed extract to really knock the infection in the butt, some vitamin B12 for extra energy, and some peppermint oil for headaches. Yeah, they love me over there now.
I got home so ready to fix all my problems and so excited to write my own testimonial! I diluted the 2 T. acv with a cup of water just like everyone said and drank and drank. Suddenly I had a new problem: how to stop myself from throwing up?!
That stuff is DISGUSTING!!!!AAAACK. I tried again later in the day and still...couldn't do it. And people since the time of Hippocrates have been drinking this stuff everyday for the health benefits??? How?
The next day, I went to the Dr. who kindly gave me a prescription for easy to swallow, conveniently coated antibiotic capsules. I felt better within a few hours of taking them.
I am sure that I could have had a good experience going the natural cure route. I wanted to but dang it--how to get it down! Incidentally my doctor had never heard of using apple cider vinegar for sinuses. What kind of education are they getting in Med. school?
Oh well. What else can I use all that vinegar for: acne? sunburns? weight-loss? I remember one family reunion my sister sunburned her face. She lathered it with the stuff. We don't know if it helped because no one could even stand to be around her-- she truly stunketh.
I guess there's something to that old adage: Better to catch a fly with honey than with vinegar.
And this I heard the other day in a movie: "What's the matter with you? Did you drink vinegar for breakfast?!"
Yes, actually, I did! But I won't be doing it again until they come out with a nice easy to swallow capsule form.


cold cocoa said...

Ew! I know! I drank vinegar too, I think to clear out my digestion or something. SO NASTY. Don't they say vinegar fixes everything? Warts? Thrush(Megan will pipe in with that testimonial)
I just don't know what to think about natural cures. I think those people they for sure work for must have been on their way out of the illness. But probiotics- I'm all for those!
Glad you guys are getting out of a horrible couple of weeks!

stephanie said...

I believe it is supposed to work for yeast infections as well.

I can't imagine being able to keep that down. Hurray for doctors prescribing stuff.

Megz said...

I love vinegar for stuff--just not ingesting it. We used it to clean out some bacterial sore on Ike's arm and to see hard water stains come out is just heart warming.
Seriously though....aren't medicines natural if you go back far enough in their conecption??
Sorry you were sickies.

T said...

I think it's just good for cleaning stuff... nice clear windows, Super clean dishes... etc...

and I think I'll avoid their allergy cure... since I'm allergic to raspberries :)

Laura said...

Chad's mission president testified of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. Chad uses it to this day and thinks it works like a charm. Too bad you have all been so sick and afflicted. Good luck fighting off any more creepy germs. Hey, I have also heard of wearing garlic cloves around your neck works...but maybe that's for vampires....

Sher said...

I have the occasional recipe that calls for apple cider vinegar. Natural remedies do work -- but they take someone braver than me since they usually require you to take lots of something yucky! I'm glad you're better.

Sheree said...

I've never tried ACV yet, except in salad dressing. lol. But Jared made me a great little power pill with oregano oil when I got sick a few months ago. I started puking, and it was the WORST. Oregano oil burns and coming out my nose--yikes. I love all of his concoctions normally, but there is only so much I can take when my body just needs to throw up.

Hey, you were the one with the awesome herb garden and book with all the different herbal cures right? I was wondering about the toothache one the other day.