Friday, May 29, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

I love this photo because it captures all my memories of family reunions. Growing up my mom planned and hosted the family reunions on both sides. She has been doing it for 25 years. Ahh the memories of those good old fashioned reunions. Everyone would bring potluck. We had homemade rootbeer and the slush machine from my Dad's work.

There were gunny-sack races, wheelbarrow races, egg tosses. Volleyball went on in the front yard and a ping-pong table was in the back. Most years my mom would hire entertainment. Over the years we had a magician, pony rides, a barber-shop quartet to name a few.

There was always a guess how many... in the jar. Tables were set up for chess, checkers, and kids crafts. Whenever anyone left we would have to make sure they got their "goodie bag"--adults included.

Lots of relatives and lots of fun memories!

My dad made the comment to me recently that whether they were blood relatives or in-laws it made no difference--my mom always took an interest in every family member and kept in touch with them.

After taking a few years off my mom was back at it again. This year's theme was "SHOES you this Day..." My girls were the only ones that remembered to bring a special shoe. They got prizes for the smallest, the prettiest, etc. With his American flag designed converse hightops, Brandon won a prize for the most patriotic. The reunion crowd has definitely dwindled over the last few years and the agenda was much more simplified but I think we all were glad for the opportunity to renew family bonds.

photos: the newest generation, my dad with his only other sibling, Kate, the traditional farewell dance, cousins representing each of the Pack siblings.


Megz said...

Magicians? That is some high falutin' reunion entertainment! I'll have to pass that tip to mom.
Cute kids in their potato sacks. I dont' think Brandon's flag shoes will ever wear out, will they?

Sheree said...

I want to go to your reunions! That sounds FUN. Your mom always new how to party. I totally want to do the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt Sharon Style. I loved the money egg idea.