Friday, June 12, 2009

Do What?!

Brandon had a great idea for a church activity for the couples in our ward. As EQ President he planned it and in a few spare minutes last Sunday, typed up and printed out an invitation. These were passed out at church.. The party was on!
Apparently step 3 caused some speculation...


1. See the movie Fireproof at the home of ___ .

2. Enjoy ice cream with all the fixings as you watch.

3. Return to the privacy of your home and complete with your spouse a Marriage Wellness Excercise to enhance your relationship.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Hope to see you there!

Brandon received all kinds of feedback and chuckles about this. If you don't get it, go back and read step 3 with a dirty mind.
Really, step 3 was to be a writing exercise or questionnaire that couples could fill out to evaluate their marriage. Brandon came up with a few good questions on a handout. So as to avoid any marital feuds, he thought it would be best if couples discussed their answers "in the privacy of their own homes." Of course!
Brandon responded in good humor that even though step 3 was intended to be a written excercise, it would be great if the other happened too.

Here is a sampling of questions with possible answers of OFTEN, OCCASIONALLY or NEVER.

1. I express gratitude for my spouse's gifts, talents, and daily efforts.
2. I pray for my spouse and children.
3. I solve current problems without bringing up my spouse's past imperfections/incidents.
4. I live by the principle "Never go to bed angry" True/False
5. I am willing to ask my spouse 2-3 things I could do differently to improve our relationship. True/False

Feel free to enjoy this excercise in the privacy of YOUR own homes--ha ha.


Megz said...

I totally have the cleanest mind ever and step 3 made me blush before I even finished reading it. That BD has guts, I tell you.
Maybe I'll tell our EQ prez to offer some hankypanky activities to increase attendance at his activities.

cold cocoa said...

Ha ha! that is funny. So that movie is making the round then! I'll have to tell R about this activity. Way fun.

T said...

good to know that the EQ president can encourage some good wholesome activities :) At least he knows now who is paying attention to the handouts :)

stephanie said...

hmmm sounds like good times at the christensen residence

T said...

for the record - Quinn got a good chuckle out of this one... some posts are just too good not to share!

(hmmmm... wonder if I could work that into the family reunion quiz... you don't think Brandon would mind right?)

Laura said...

We call it "Marital Recreation"... you know bike riding, going for a walk, or something like that :)

Sher said...

I like your posts. I just caught up again. I always love your pictures and the family reunion sounds fun. It was fun to see you for a minute yesterday -- I think you are totally brave to take your kids around by yourself while B.D. is at a conference. Your girls should have some good memories.