Thursday, June 4, 2009

Proof that we went camping

I know, it's shocking--which is why I took pictures to prove it.
We went camping with 8 or so other families in a beautiful spot just 30 minutes away from home. Kate and Brynn were very excited for their very first ever camping trip. We were sorry to leave Brandon home--he was on-call. But, we were glad to leave Cannon and Adrie home where they wouldn't be tempted by the many water hazards and campfire dangers.

We might have seemed a little pathetic sleeping in our van and eating Lunchables around the campfire but for us it was adventure enough!
What could be better entertainment in the mountains than a stream with a couple of rope swings hanging from the trees? Even I couldn't resist them. In addition to the water fun, the kids enjoyed a nature scavenger hunt, a raft race, geo-caching, fishing, and making hemp-bracelets.
Except for the the terrifying outhouse experiences (which were thankfully few) our girls had the time of their lives. We maybe would even do it again...if I had shower/toilet, I did some research when we got home:
Cost of trailer: $20,000
Cost of truck to pull the trailer: $20,000
I think for $40,000 we could have some pretty nice beach vacations over the years.
Luckily mountain fun is not so far away that we can't return home and sleep in our own beds!
I love you bed!


cold cocoa said...

I love my bed, too! I want to see the picture of you on the fun rope swing. Good calculation on trailers...good point. Beach can be cheap compared to roughing it in a trailer!

Megz said...

I won't let Leon see this. Sleeping in a van and eating lunchables on a campout would kick you down a notch in his estimation.
How has BD denied his family this bonding opportunity? Does Quinn need to lend you some supplies?
I'm all for one night campouts. Then you don't even need a shower or a potty and can save the 40,0000.

Laura said...

Next time you can come over to our campfire and have dutch oven! It was fun but I wish I would have tried out the swing.

stephanie said...

that is my kind of camping!

T said...

Lunchables? Yep, we're going to keep this one secret from Quinn too because he and Leon would both be rolling in the aisles...

But that rope swing looks like fun - glad you toughed it out and went!