Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite Food Discoveries of 2009

This year marked a new era for my taste buds. They were ready for something more adventurous. Most things were there all along and I just had to try them. What did the world have to offer?

1. Amazing Grass--this is the only way I know of to get 9 servings of vegetables per day with an added dose of probiotics. Yucky, but worth it.

2. Tandoori Naan--bread Indian-style and so delicious after heating 2 minutes in the oven with hummus or good ole' buttah...

3. Multi-grain sandwich flats

4. Laughing Cow creamy Swiss wedges--Could a snack be any more fun to open? Eat plain, on French bread, crackers, and combined with the above sandwich flats they do wonders for a cold cuts.

5. clementines--tiny oranges packed with juice and flavor.

6. whole, organic, shelled almonds--vitamin E in a delicious crunchy capsule

7. Kookaburra black LIQUORICE--Get a little more Iron in a soft chewable form. I never ate black licorice in my life without gagging until my friend told me to try these. Yum! and all natural ingredients!

8. California Pizza: move over pepperoni these frozen pizzas have all kinds of fun toppings from BBQ chicken to alfredo and spinach.

9. 100 percent tangerine juice:a tangy twist to regular O.J. like the name implies.

10. roasted pine nuts--Ooooh. these bring back memories of Christmases past. They are expensive and only available in the winter harvest. So just get them and definitely roast them--it's worth it.

11. Chocolatier Blue truffles--for a mere $2 a truffle you can experience heaven. Don't eat and drive. You'll want your full attention to savor these. Available at Tony Caputo's deli in Salt Lake in the most exotic and exciting flavor combinations like "passion fruit caramel apple." Aren't they beautiful???

Unfortunately, we were unable to find one of our dear favorites...maybe it has been discontinued this year and if so....we are begging Breyer's to PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELVES....

Bubble Yum ice cream.

What are your new favorites?


cold cocoa said...

Amen to the Breyer's! I've been craving that this whole pregnancy and I can't eat chubby hubby anymore...or really chocolatey ice creams don't do it for me, and that was my thing! SO all of a sudden I just can't stop thinking of the pretty pink, gentle, well-flavored ice-cream that was Bubble Yum. No one sells that flavor! Waah!

I like your picks. I'd love that probiotic thing, since we've picked up some capsules this year before our trip to Disneyland to boost the immunity.
But Sharp Cheddar Cheese is one of mine, and spinach smoothies.

Megz said...

Some of your items are a little too hoity toity for my country taste buds (Indian bread, grass stuff?) but I'm all for the truffles and the clementines.

We've enjoyed honey wheat bagel sandwiches with sprouts ('we' meaning hub and mitch) this year. That's about as exotic as I've been. And my preferred licorice of choice is strawberry twizzlers opened for at least 12 hours to get the perfect bit of hardness.

Laura said...

Spinach pesto with parmesean. Need I say more? except...yummmy.

Sheree said...

All of those look delicious! I love the laughing cow cheeses and especially clementines. My kids love to peel their own.

I think my favorites would be Ezekial Sprouted Grain English Muffins. Yum. I love the chewiness. They are in the freezer section of the health food stores, or Smiths.

I also LOVE Kefir and Kefir cheese. It is kinda tart, my favorite.

Young coconuts are also very yummy. They are white on the outside since the husk isn't fully removed and in the refrigerated section. The insides are soft and make the BEST smoothies ever.