Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts for the small-brained.

Was it snowing big beautiful snowflakes today where you live? The kind that make you want to run outside open your arms, twirl, and catch them in your mouth. Or maybe that kind of weather makes you want to stay inside, make gingerbread houses, drink hot chocolate and snuggle...I've been watching "Elf" way too much. We did the former. Today we read a story called "The Tree that Trimmed Itself." It is about a little pine tree that gave gifts of nature to all the animals in the forest. So we bundled up and trekked to the "forest" aka city park to find the perfect tree. We found a bush-y thing, and got busy decorating it. We smeared pinecones with PB and sprinkled on seeds for the squirrels and birds. We also found some very decorative bean pod things which looked like great natural tinsel and put dried berries on them for the mice. How grateful the forest animals will be when they venture out on Christmas morning to find their gifts! Probably as grateful as Santa will be for the fudge we're going to leave for him and for the hay and sugar cubes we have for the reindeer...(if Buddy doesn't get to them first) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL..young or old, rodent or human!

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Megz said...

I bet some little squirrels were happy. Do animals get allergic? Why don't you go-getter home schoolers research that for next month?
Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. Love the new pictures--Cannon looks like a real man with that ball.