Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Dose of Vitamin D

It's that time of year when I get a serious case of travel bug and I HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE.
I shouldn't do this to myself but I browsed the travel section of the paper. Even China was looking good. Pretty much everywhere was looking good except Antarctica (no travel deals there anyway.)

Luckily, we don't have to drive far to experience a complete change of scenery and change of weather. Yes, thank goodness for warm and sunny St. George! We spent an extended weekend with family in one of our favorite spots. The first day we hiked through Zion's National Park--nature at it's finest. The most exciting thing besides all the huge cliffs and water was that we spotted a deer munching on branches. She wasn't but 20 feet from us and didn't even seem to care that we were there! I tried to share the excitement with some other passersby but when I whispered to them and pointed to the bushes they said with an accent, "Is okay, yah!" Obviously, English was not their native tongue and they had no clue what I was saying. They missed their moment with the deer.

Zion's was spectacular. We didn't get around too much with 4 little ones and muddy trails but what we did see was awesome. The girls found quiet spots by the river to draw pictures in their nature journals. I loved Adria's picture of a huge towering rock with an arrow pointing to the top and the explanation, "a place you can fall off."

We had a fun time hanging out with family--Thanks Q and T! Brandon enjoyed golf, the ladies went shopping, cousins played together. We had to go to the cool Euro park again. The grand finale of the weekend was the "Awesome Aquatic Center." This was like swimming pool heaven for our kids: fountains, slides, a lazy river.

Thank goodness we had all these sunny memories to hold on to as we arrived back home to our snow covered neighborhood. Vitamin D sure does a body good.

(Wish I had some photos but I haven't figured out how to download them from my new camera yet... )


cold cocoa said...

I thought you guys would be rained out this past weekend! Glad it all worked out. What kind of camera did you get?

Michelle said...

Sorry we missed the fun. Colds and snow are horrible plan busters. Glad you had a great time, though.

Megz said...

I need me some of that medicine. sounds super. And we're definitely getting the address of that park the next time we're thataway.

stephanie said...

Sounds like soo much fun! We are going to disneyland in two weeks. I am so excited to be in nicer weather.

T said...

I'd share - but I also haven't figured out the new camera download process... it'll happen - and we loved seeing you.

Ummm... and we have a poor little stray puppy here at the house. M says it belongs to A... she's made a little crown for it to wear on the trip home... which I'm hoping will be soon - but for some reason the post office is the hardest place to get to! (Hope A has a substitute cuddly toy that she loves equally well!!)