Monday, March 8, 2010

Ready or Not

Blame it on the world news and the books I'm reading but we're having a bit of an emergency preparedness-a-thon over here. I'm in book 2 of the "Great and Terrible" series by Chris Stewart. It's an exciting fiction read about the war in heaven and the war between good and evil in the last days. It has made me think differently about things for sure. I like books like that. My book club is reading Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank.

Inspired, (or maybe alarmed) I hit the case lot sale today and loaded up things like apple juice and canned peaches. I spent the afternoon dividing up and freezing 40 lbs of raw chicken--yuck. Brandon has always teased me throughout our marriage that I always stock up big time on TP. He doesn't understand that it's a necessity right up there with food, shelter, and water. I ordered a huge box to keep the other packs in the basement company. It may come in handy for bartering...

Curiously, the items that have sparked the most drama at our house, are the red emergency backpacks I brought home for each kid last week. I thought I casually explained what 72-hour kits were. But it seems I mentioned the word "earthquake" and that word was NOT received casually.

How did each kid respond?

Adrie and Brynn went right to work packing theirs. Adrie put in her boots, her sketchbook, some lifesaver candies and crayons. She cried when she couldn't fit her ducky blanket and her stuffed cougar in her backpack. " I'M GONNA WANT MY DUCKY IF THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE..." she wailed.
Brynn stuffed her pink princess sleeping bag in her backpack. She seemed satisfied that it left no room for anything else.
Kate didn't bother to pack at all. She turned all fatalistic and cried, "Why bother if we're all just gonna die..."
I had a little fun with her and said that instead of spending her last $10 on Barbie stuff she should have stocked up on water and flashlights.

Looks like we'll have to do some packing or re-packing of the backpacks soon. Any tips? We'll probably also need some trauma counseling and I think I'll leave that one to Dad.


Megz said...

heehee--Kate's got a point. Too bad you wasted all that money on TP when you're just all going to die....
We upgrade our 72-hour kits at GC time. That way we can make sure the extra pair of clothes still fit and the kids can see all the cool stuff they never get to play with (brand new flashlights! coloring books!)
It's a lot of work but peace of mind sure is nice. Good work on being prepared!

cold cocoa said...

Good preparations. I bought the backpacks a long time ago, but that was the fun part (shopping sales at and I'm not excited about the filling them up part. And i remember too being a kid and scared whenever we'd fill 72 hour kits thinking about earthquakes and fires!

Laura said...

After reading Alas Bablyon I went our and bought 50 lbs of salt and lots of hygiene products. Nothing like a good book to scare the bee-geebies out of ya.