Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What a beautiful day for a horseback riding adventure. The girls and some of their "school" friends went on a "field-trip" today. Their wildest cowgirl dreams came true.
What did they have to say about their experience?

"The horse ate out of Brynn's hand and got slobber all over it!" --Kate
"The horse peed and poo-ed."--Adrie
"Can we go horseback riding when we get home?"--Brynn
"I want to have 4 horses when I grow up."--Brynn

Bud is the biggest horse fan of them all. The other day when we were reading family scriptures out loud I read the word "Nay." Buddy ran over to see the page, "I wanna see the horsies."
Getting on all fours, whinnying, and pretending to graze or running down the street to look for horsies pretty much takes up most of his day. Chasing after him pretty much takes all of mine too. Good thing he didn't know what he was missing when we left him with a babysitter for this trip!


T said...

my allergies are making me cynical because I see those pictures and while I KNOW that there are smiles and good times, my eyes are itching. What fun times though... really! (sorry, I'll keep my itchy sneezy self in check better when I'm not so tired!)

Megz said...

You definitely need to get a horse for your backyard. To keep Buddy company.
Just about makes me want to go horseback riding.

Sher said...

I think it's great that "Buddy" is listening to scriptures enough to catch the nay! It is a good thing he was blissfully unaware that he was missing a horse ride!

stephanie said...

those pictures make me want to be a cowgirl. Ha ha buddy is funny. What a cute story

Laura said...

How 'bout a little goat wrangling? Anytime you get the hankerin fer some more fun, ya'll git on over here and you can ride Nellie the goat. I ain't saying ya can ride for long, but it's a ride you won't ferget.