Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Greatest Reason to Celebrate

He is Risen! I can't get this hymn tune out of my head. It is a good one to have though, especially when you are hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's version. I love Easter and it's message of Christ's Resurrection. Each year I come to appreciate it more as I learn more about it. This year we read the events from the Bible on each day that it occured starting with Palm Sunday last week and concluding today, Easter Sunday. We Believe!
This is 5 year old Adria's picture of the Crucifixion from our reading on Good Friday.

I also really loved that it was LDS General Conference on Easter Weekend. We moved the couch into the office and watched it online at BYUtv (no TV service yet.) --All this while feasting on our Easter candy (like mainly ones that involved peanut butter) to keep us alert and attentive. BTW--I could not find Cadbury mini eggs this year????? Did anyone buy them out early???
While it's fresh in my mind, here are a few things that I got out of all that counsel to help me personally:
Tell children the stories of Jesus (over and over), ask them questions, let them talk, and LISTEN, Bear spontaneous testimony, welcome thoughts by invitation only, The home is the most important place to teach and prepare our children, personal revelation is the most important life skill we can develop, a mother's influence is extremely important, faith is WORK, How we respond to trials determines our life's course, Judge not, the sacrament is the most sacred and holy meeting in the church, Hold your tongue about things (teaching children to avoid the temptation to gossip,) Let children see your love for them on your face, Where there is a design there is a Designer, All things work together for good for those who love God.


Megz said...

Elder Bednar's talk really struck me too. I liked the part about not relying on FHE 'packets'---wonder if the websites will get less traffic for tonight??
Loved Adrie's picture. She's a good artiste!
And Cocoa will have to tell you where the cadbury eggs are.

cold cocoa said...

Way to get a lot out of conference!
I cant tell you where the cadbury mini-eggs were because they were gone the whole week before Easter. Luckily Russell had bought me 5 bags at Shopko a few weeks earlier. Down to 2 left! You can buy them on ebay. I hate the system- they don't overstock so they don't have to have sales, and they ALWAYS run out. So you have to get them when they first come out in the season! Better luck next year! They are STINKERS!

Laura said...

Thanks for the synopsis. The talks were all so much focus on the family. Plus, don't you love it when Easter and conference are on the same day? It makes it extra special.