Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Day with Mom

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I don't know how old she is--old enough to qualify for the Senior Discount but young enough to want to eat dessert first.
I drove up to spend the day with her and help celebrate this grand occasion. She chose to go to the Park City Arts Festival.
My mom and I agreed that the people there were as unique and interesting to see as the art exhibits. We had fun watching both.
If my mom was disgustingly wealthy she would have supported the Arts and bought this for her birthday. It would have made a nice yard accent don't you think?
We bought Creamies instead. If they would have called them locally-produced edible sculptures on a stick they could have charged a lot more. As it was we were glad for some comfort food and it was definitely the best deal around at $1.
Where else could a blue or orange or peach house look so pretty?
Back to my Mom: She is one of a kind for sure. Here are some things I admire about her:
  • she has no fear. If she wants to say something she says it. If she wants to do something, nothing will stand in her way.
  • she is always learning, asking people questions, reading.
  • she stops to smell the roses--literally. Then she'll pick them, bring them home, and stick them in a vase.
  • she writes music. She can sit at the piano and play whatever tune is going on in her head.
  • she never gets angry, even when her body is in pain and doesn't cooperate with her will.
  • she gives, gives, gives.

My mom has many talents. She stayed home to raise her children and some of her grandchildren. I asked her what she would have chosen if she would have had a career. She surprised me with "Advertising." She loves to watch commercials and come up with ideas for them. I'm sure she could write some catchy jingles to go with them too.

She let me know that she has her funeral all planned out. She wants more music then talking and more laughing than crying. For the graveside service she wants a Dixie-Land Band. I know she'll be glad to get to life on the other side where she'll be able to dance in a brand new body, join in the glorious symphonies, and smell the roses beyond earthly description.

I'm sure this little guy, Ethan Drake, could tell us all about them. He just arrived 3 weeks ago making my mom a Great-Grandma for the 2nd time. It was so fun to meet him and hold a brand new life.


Sheree said...

I love your mom! She is amazing. She is so funny. I love that she's got a great sense of humor. I remember lots of tasty dinners at your house after school. Her tulips under that big chestnut tree, and "we need to go to the store--we're out of malt balls!"

Megz said...

Where COULDN'T you put that giraffe?
It'd go great in any room....
Happy B-day to your mom. She's got to be awesome to spawn you, right?!

cold cocoa said...

Sounds like fun! You're telling me that you didn't splurge on any fancy Park City chocolates though??

T said...

awesome giraffe, cute baby, incredible mom... sounds like you had the time of your life :)

stephanie said...

Happy birthday to your mom. She sounds amazing.

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