Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 Things I LOVE or HATE about SuMMeR

1. Ice Cream Cones--Love them.
We have Waffle Cones for the mature taste buds, regular for the regulars, and teeny tiny cones for...little Bud. With Breyer's Grasshopper Pie ice cream we are in heaven.

2. Rainstorms--Love them...and the rainbows that follow.

3. Bat Droppings--Hate them. I used to think it was mice leaving those surprises all over the front porch. Turns out it's BATS! I peeked and sure enough I saw one hanging there the other night all creepy like. Bats are icky things. They're like mice with wings and razor sharp teeth. Turns out we built the perfect cavelike enclosure for them over our front porch!

4. Family Reunions--Love them, of course. You know--you were there!
5. Bikerides--Love them. The corn is as high as an elephant's eye and we only smell a skunk once in a while.

6. Races--Love them (when they're over) Today I ran a 10K. At about mile 4.5 I doubled over with a horrible side ache. Seriously I could NOT run another step. Never had that before. One of the fellow runners yelled some advice: "WALK 30 seconds, RUN 30 seconds. Keep doing that until it goes away!!!!" And off he ran. Turns out his advice was right on. But dang it I was doing so good on my time until then. I was able to run the last mile and finished with a time 54:12 --meaningless I know except to me that's pretty good for having a stinking SIDE ACHE. There were 14 guys and 4 girls that ran it. 3 of us were in the same age division and I got 3rd in my age and 4th overall (for women) ha ha ha.

7. Weeds--Hate them. We seriously need a herd of goats for some backyard maintenance. Our kids and their shoes are getting lost back there.

8.Grilling on the Barbie -Q--Love it. Thursday is grill-it day. One of the easiest and best recipes:
Dip some chicken pieces in olive oil. Sprinkle generously with lemon pepper seasoning. Add taters, veggies, whatever. Throw it in a tin foil pack and hand it to your man. All I know is after that it comes back to the table steaming hot and delicious.

9. The Fair--Love it. We had fun checking out all the farm animals and the girls got some ribbons for their "Home Arts" entries. They done us proud. We didn't have any cash on us so we couldn't pet the baby tigers or indulge in a deep fried twinkie. We did watch an awesome Bluegrass concert out on the lawn. That stuff is good soul music. I think if our string quartet plugged our instruments into some amps and sawed away at some Orange Blossom Special we'd get a lot more gigs around here.

10. __________ (fill in the blank) What do you LOVE (or hate) about summer?


T said...

stupid bats - maybe if you put up a bat house somewhere nearby it will keep them busy?

We love water... got lots of swim time in this summer - back to school is killing us.

Sheree said...

Bats! That IS gross. Michael brought one home from camp as a pet once.

Great time on your race! That is fantastic!

And Jared loves grasshopper ice cream too--YUM.

Megz said...

Maybe you can buy a bat-eating goat.
My summer loves are snow cone bribes, no reason to rush in the morning or do kids hair.
I hate dry spots on the grass.

cold cocoa said...

I love hot days that cool off to beautiful perfect nights. Beautiful flowers that don't die.
I hate beautiful flowers that die before they're supposed to!

Laura said...

I hope you were impressed by Aubree's ginormous ribbon she won at the fair for her scrumptious rolls. I'm not proud or anything, but you know...if the ribbon fits :)