Sunday, October 17, 2010

Call Me

I've finally joined the ranks of millions of Americans, no-- world citizens --and bought myself a cell phone!!! (cue the applause and cheering) The girls were so overjoyed when I brought it home they shouted, "Now we're not the only people we know without a cell phone!!!"
I've been so carried away with excitement I almost posted my new phone number!

Why did I not get one earlier?? It has already come in handy twice in the last two days. Once, to report that I was coming home late from book club. The other when I left Kate in charge so I could run some errands (which she said felt like 5 hours worth). This new-found sense of freedom peace of mind is fabulous.

This purchase had to be. I'm driving to CA to join my mom and sisters for some "beach therapy" and you just HAVE to have a phone when you are on the road, also if you're in charge of picking them up from the airport. You also HAVE to have a GPS. That was last month's purchase. The title for this post should really be, "Technological advances that make life so much better--how did I live without them for so long." or " !!!!!! " for short.

So, I'm ready for my trip and so excited. Brandon's testimony of cell phones is not quite as strong. He doesn't even think he'll ever need one?! --but I know why he will--So I can make those phone calls that go like this, "Have you been in a car accident or are you on the golf course and if it's the latter could you pick up a Redbox on the way home..." also a myriad of other scenarios which I'm sure are already as familiar to you as your daily cup of joe.
Brandon IS excited to be a stay-at-home Dad for a few days. Bless him for doin' all that.

Here I go, Au Revoir.


Megz said...

I also am one who now wonders how mothers could have ever left on errands without the ever handy cell. And my best chats of the day with my husband occur on his drive home. Definitely worth the price!
Enjoy your next beach trip!

Sher said...

Wow. I've just caught up on your wonderful trips. You are great at word pictures and the real photo kind. I always enjoy reading about your adventures while enjoying the nice music on your blog. I hope the beach therapy is good. I'm glad you have GPS and a phone to take with you.

T said...

ah... the phone quickly goes from a novelty to a necessity :) glad it will help with so many of those daily freedoms as well as the long drive :)