Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fish Lake

I never thought I'd say this but as much fun as we have at the beach we had just as much in the mountains. We headed up to Fish Lake for a day trip. The scenery was gorgeous! I love being able to live in a place where we can enjoy Autumn in it's glory...and I think I say that every year.
We had fun exploring along the lake trail. We saw a beaver dam, collected aspen leaves, threw rocks into the water, and imagined what it would be like to float on a boat in the middle of that beautiful lake. A herd of cattle made their way down the road just 30 feet away from our trail. That was pretty exciting. But the most exciting thing was when Kate almost stepped on a snake!
She was pretty jumpy from that point on. I think that running around in the crisp mountain air did the girls in. They were quiet in the backseat the whole drive home--even while Dad sang along to John Denver.


stephanie said...

yikes! a snake! I would be pretty jumpy too.
I love Autumn time.

Megz said...

How could they not join in for Rocky Mountain High??
Sounds wonderful. Love these autumn hikes.

T said...

I love the fall colors! Our kids must have been a little less worn though - because they still complained about the John Denver last week :)