Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving On

Oh it's hard to leave the beach (post), I know, but it's time to cover some of the other exciting events happening at home.

Brynn participated in her first gymnastics meet.

She overcame her fears and did a fantastic job.
She took first place all-around in her division and has been invited to move up and on to the Junior Olympic team. All that means is:

1. I'll be able to live out my dreams through my child. (not quite like Violet's mom from the newer Willy Wonka movie, but I am wearing a jogging suit--yikes.) (I had to quit once I got to competition level because of a wrist injury. )

2. We'll now be sacrificing all of our time and money to the gymnastics gods.

If no one else, Brynn is VERY excited about this. Her enthusiasm has rubbed off on Adrie, who can't wait to start her beginner's class next week.
Random shots from the meet. Kate got a job writing down and flashing the judge's results, which made the event go by much faster than it otherwise would have, for her.

Also this week, the kids finished school. Kate is the only kid I know who is upset about this. She wrote a nice note to her teacher saying, "I wish you could be my teacher every year." So cute and I agree, her teacher, Mrs. Hovinga, was outstanding.
To celebrate we went to the carnival.

This is Brynn -- alive and well enough to want a candy apple--after riding the Gravitron.


cold cocoa said...

ooh..gymnastics looks fun! She looks like a little gymnast.
Anika too spent about an hour (her own idea) making a card for her teacher. A poem, in fact, with a ROUGH DRAFT. Do you know how long it took for her to make my Mother's Day card? Under 5 min. No rough draft necessary. Yah...I'm jealous of her love for her teacher.

Michelle said...

Wow Brynn. I am so impressed. I had one group of gymnastic lessons and couldn't do most of the things asked and I was old. Too bad. Congratulations. The carnival looks fun.

stephanie said...

Good Job Brynn! Gymnastics certainly gets pricey when you are getting good. Developing talents is great though.
Addie loves it too!

Sher said...

My own gymnastic career ended when my sister sprained her knee. Of course, I wasn't much good at it anyhow -- I'm not too stretchy. I like Brynn's smile and her bravery in competing.

TisforTonya said...

she can live out my dreams for me too k? Mine was pretty much killed when I spent 5 years on crutches... too bad because I could have been Mary Lou Retton... ermmm... well, y'know... in my dreams I was also amazingly talented :)

Megz said...

That is awesome for Brynn! Hopefully her growth will not become stunted and her voice become incredibly high...those are my only professional gymnast stereotypes.
I can't wait to go to her meets when she's a rockin' Ute. I'll even put the glitter tats on her face for her.
(I like to watch the meets on BYUTV so I totally know what I'm talking about)