Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Y oh Y

It's a wonder that Adrie complains so much about going to dance every week when she does such a great job on the stage! She just had her dance recital last week and we enjoyed watching her hip-hop moves. She looked so much older to us up there under the lights. This is Adrie's last dance recital, probably ever! She is ready to turn in her tap shoes and give gymnastics a try like her big sister.

Earlier in the week we took the kids out of school and made a trip to BYU for the final week of the Carl Bloch art exhibit. My mom met us there and went through it with us. Ahhh! Breathtaking, life-size original paintings! It was like standing in the room with Jesus, the paintings were so vibrant and real! I don't know if the kids appreciated the experience as much as I did, but they sure liked the nose pencil sharpeners they got from the museum gift shop. I bought a booklet of the Carl Bloch prints. Looking at the prints though, in no way does justice to the originals. It's like this-- (when I get started on one of my brilliant analogies, BD rolls his eyes.) Seeing a print of a painting is like looking at the body without a soul. It's a good reminder of the original but it lacks feeling and energy and light. Thanks for not rolling your eyes.
Anyway, we had a great experience and then headed out to show our kids the campus where their parents met and fell in love 13 years ago....
Enjoying spring blossoms and the reflection pool outside the Museum of ArtWe loved walking around the beautiful BYU campus. Everyone thought our kids were adorable, even when they would dart in front of them, or stall in the doorways, or suck water from the drinking fountains. We couldn't have agreed more.

50 points if you can recognize this building...
We totally re-defined the kids' definition of library when we took them to see BYU's magnificent under-campus structure! Wowsers. BYU bookstore paraphernaliaWe stopped in for a surprise visit to see Dev. Doesn't he look surprised?

Brandon and I both have lots of good memories from BYU, especially dating each other so it was fun for us to be back and enjoy it all over again in a day.


Megz said...

I love tours of BYU.
Talmage bldg. what do I get with my 50 points?
And now you've been to Utah county twice without stopping by for your Mexican heritages. What if I break the pot?? I'm stressed about it.

cold cocoa said...

Looks fun! I love reminiscing. I have to say going to the Bloch exhibit with the family lasted about 30 minutes. Did you make it down to the laser light room?

stephanie said...

I have fond memories of exploring BYU campus with Megz when we were young.

Adrie sure looks cute in her dance costume.

Sher said...

Adrie looks beautiful in her dance costume and the trip to BYU looked fun -- and sunny! I think it's great that you thought to go visit Dev.