Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer of the Monkeys--literally.

We joined some great friends for a day in the mountains. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

We followed the stream until it shattered into a hundred tiny waterfalls. Some of the boys were reeling in rainbow trout and showed us how it was done. This would have been a great chance for Kate to fulfill #7 on her summer list but she was too busy doing bother with boys, tackle and bait.

Oh the primal joy of swinging from the trees!

After hours of exploring and swinging, with the occasional plunge into that icy snow-melt, we had dinner around the campfire, a program and sticky s'mores. What a super fun day.

Swinging was so much fun we did it again later in the week, only this time in town at our favorite "vine tree" park.

It was the perfect place for a picnic and reading. The kids loved climbing and swinging in those majestic drippy trees and running barefoot through endless stretches of green grass.

With all this tree-lovin', it seems only right that this month's read aloud would be Summer of the Monkeys.


stephanie said...

I want to swing from trees! That looks really fun

Sher said...

Those are some beautiful places you went and it looks like you were having a good adventure. I've never read Summer of the Monkeys

Megz said...

Summer of the Monkeys is a good one. There is even a movie that Leon's mom owns if you wanna borrow it when you're done reading it....
Looks like good summer fun.