Sunday, August 14, 2011

YeeHaw! You Better See it to Believe it.

It was time, this week, to get on down to the County Fair! I think it's the most exciting event in the county and it's the only time I really want to wear a cowboy hat and ride the daylights out of a horse. (Actually I always want to ride a horse, so just the cowboy hat part.)
We were entertained by a hypnotist, some guys doing some pretty awesome bike stunts on half pipe's, and some hands on farm-activities. We walked around to see all the exhibits and the blue ribbon livestock.Kate won a blue ribbon for her chocolate chip cookies. They really are the best darn cookies you've ever had and I ain't lyin.
Then it was Rodeo time.
When we first moved out here we went to (my) first rodeo. To say it was a culture shock would be an understatement. Maybe I lived a sheltered city life but we certainly never did anything like this. Yeehaw! You better see it to believe it.

I don't know what I was so shocked about?! Now that I have kids of my own of course I'm going to let them get their chance at chasing a wild (domesticated) animal in an arena for a chance at some cash. Brynn's the only one of our girls that wanted to sign up for this year's "Little Cowboy Rodeo" She got down and dirty and got herself ribbon off that cow, worth $1.00.

Brynn also really wanted to try Muttin' Bustin' this year. That there is how you hold on to sheep for dear life. Even though I warned her it was not as easy as it looked (I pretended to know) she was sure she had what it took. Her confidence payed off because she was able to hang on there until the announcer told her it was time to get off. And wouldn't you know she placed in the top 6 of her age group. ( She also came home smellin' like... mutton.)
Well, that's it for this year's county fair folks!

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Megz said...

Bet Brynn didn't know that Uncle Leon was a famous sheep rider in his day.....
Love the county fair except the smells and the feelings of envy that I never have anything worthy of even an 'honorable mention' in my repertoire.