Friday, March 16, 2012

Happenings on the Homefront

1. We attended our local caucus meeting last night. I'll sheepishly admit this was our first time but, now we're totally committed to being politically active. The Constitution is in shreds so it's gotta be now.  Brandon was nominated to be the co-chair delegate. He accepted and then had to make a speech because there was another nominee.  He wasn't prepared for any of this but whatever he said to his 200+ friends worked. He won and won't his mama be proud?!

 2. Brynn competed in her first official gymnastics meet. 5 gyms competed and we had to travel a couple of hours to get there but that's okay. I'm always up for a city trip. Brynn competed as a level 4. She was nervous but did a great job. She placed 3rd in vault and beam and 4th overall for her age and level. Bars is her favorite event. After, we went to Costco and walked around the mall, because, why not?!

3. I was driving on our old street to get to Kate's school when I saw our old neighbor's family outside. I pulled over to say hello. The family was there cleaning the house out and then they informed me Kenn, our old neighbor friend, had died.  We had some good memories with Kenn. We lived next door and he, being a lonely older man, would visit every day--sometimes 2-3 times a day! Yah, no kidding! He loved being around kids and he would bring over all kinds of treats to spoil their appetites. When we moved over to our new house we had him over for dinner until his health deteriorated and he was put in the care center.   My favorite thing about him was that he loved most of my cooking and I never heard him speak ill of anyone--ever!
The family asked if I wanted anything from the house. I wasn't going to but I did speak up about this chair. It was the one I would sit in when we went over to visit him. It had a nice rounded back and was low to the ground so I felt it was custom made for my short legs.  I know there was a cool story behind this chair--like it was specially made and imported from somewhere but I don't remember exactly! Darn it. Could you all send in your submissions and make a good story up for me?

4. My quartet wants to change our name because nobody should be called "Sevier" anything, especially a music group. I'm voting for Clear Creek Strings because it sounds like it could be classy or hoedown, which is the kind of broad appeal we're going for. Do you have any other suggestions or do you want to just tell me why you would want to hire a group with a  name like Clear Creek for your next special event?

5. Life with dog is getting better. She learned quickly to sleep through the night--much quicker than a newborn. She's giddy to see us in the morning and lavish us with her love, also when we come home from anywhere. I guess that's the universal appeal of having a dog. Would you believe she loves classical music. Really, she seems to be calmer and sleep more when I have it quietly playing in the background. That's the magic of Mozart for you. Imagine what it must do for humans.

Still basking in the glow of a great time. A lucky starfish from the tidepools of Dana Point.


Megz said...

Big Rock Candy Mountain Classy Rockers. I'd hire you.
Good job to Brynn. I wanna see her do some tricks on grandma's swing set bar.

Sher said...

Derek suggests "string cheese" or "string fling". I'm not having a good naming night. "Stringed Bean Strings" didn't seem right for weddings -- but maybe for a hoedown with a potluck. I'd hire you.

Way to go B.D. Nobody at our caucus was prepared for a speech but lots of people gave them. Okay, one older gentleman could have gone on for hours, and tried a few times.

Good job Brynn. I would like to watch her do some gymnastics! Also, glad the dog is sleeping at night and happy to see you during the day.

stephanie said...

Good Job Brynn! Addie loves the bars most as well.

"the heart strings"

Michelle said...

1. Way to go BD! What is a co-chair delegate?
2. Yeah, Brynn! So proud of you.
3. The chair used to be in Ambassedor Kennedy's London home. When he was asked to resign they sent all their furniture home and gave this chair to JFK to use at college. He loved this chair so much because it eased his back pain. It sat in his home office. When he was assasinated, Jackie sold it at auction and Kenn bought it. So sorry to hear about his death.
4. Clear Creek Strings is hard for me to pronounce correctly for some reason, but it is lovely. How about Mountain Air Strings/Quartet.
5. Good luck with the dog and, at first, I thought the star fish was a picture of your puppies first outside buisness.